Kelly Wearstler: Color as Her Muse

It’s almost like Kelly Wearstler comes from a dream. The houses she designs are a dream – bold, intricate, daring, colorful, sensual and ravishing. After meeting her, I have to tell you, this is exactly the way she is.

Kelly needs no introduction but okay, if you insist, she has worked with a lot of celebrities, Cameron Diaz, Cher and Elton John just to name a few. She’s designed homes, hotels, restaurants and has her own line of home objects.

What inspires me the most about her is her boldness – the sense that she truly is herself and creates her own story and aesthetic – and what I can perceive as a laser focus on making the best of every second.

Today we meet at her home in Beverly Hills. Ah, the dream!!!

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In Her Words: Jennifer Fisher

It’s no secret that I love Jennifer Fisher. I made that very clear when we published her Style Story. However, I did not touch on the incredible story behind Jennifer and her brand. During our first meeting Jennifer opened up to Pia and I about personal matters that some would only touch upon with their nearest and dearest (or a therapist). When she told us the below story it was so action oriented, direct, and honest — basically Jennifer in a nutshell. She always tells it like it is, doesn’t dwell, and instead always moves forward. Inspired by Jennifer, I returned to the studio and marched straight to Veronica’s desk, declaring that Jennifer had a story to tell and a refreshing, direct approach to dealing with the hardest curveballs life throws at you (clearly Veronica agreed). There is a lot more to Jennifer Fisher than cult hoop earrings and a killer wardrobe. She can knock a curveball out of the park. I’ll let her take it from here…

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The Crown Julie

Julie Houts recently cleaned out her closet. She doesn’t know I know this but I do. I know this because our mutual friend, Madeline, recently asked if I wanted a purple jumpsuit Julie passed down to Madeline because it doesn’t fit Madeline quite right. My text response was along the lines of, “Logistically I don’t think I could wear anything of Julie’s because of my ass and emotionally I think any garment of Julie’s would be insulted to be hung alongside my plebeian cloths. But who cares, I want it and will do anything to wear something that Julie deemed worthy enough to wear even for a few short years.”

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A Beauty Minute With Alyssa Coscarelli

Morning: I’m loyal to cleansing, but not to cleansers. In the morning I wash with whatever I feel my face needs; sometimes Glossier Milky Jelly, other times Clearasil’s Acne Marks Wash, or just Bioderma...

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With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity (or excuse, as any new season is) to revamp your wardrobe. Sometimes the key to your best new looks are already in your repertoire – or more...

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