About a Horse

Felicity is a long-time friend of the site (Garance originally featured her six years ago!), and we couldn’t be more excited to bring her back today. When we were brainstorming ideas for Escape Month, we wanted to feature “an escape from the city,” and couldn’t think of anything better than spending a day on the farm with Felicity and her horse! Below, she shares her thoughts…

The minis

Parents Are People Too

Parents Are People Too

We all forget that our parents have lives outside of...

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atelier dore karley sciortino

Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino is known for playing with the theme of...

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The Beauty Edit: Smile!

Toothpaste, Davids; Teeth Whitening System, Apa White...

4 days ago by

Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Veronica: Loved this book. Love Aidy Bryant. Very...

4 days ago by

The Kardashians

The Kardashians

Amelia and myself got back on Gchat last week to...

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atelier dore shampoo bars

Shampoo Bars

One of the things I dread the most, well at least...

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atelier dore matrescence carly cushnie


Look, I’ll be honest, my uterus has not been used for...

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City Escape

Leather Boots, Acne Studios; Trench Coat, Chimala;...

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My Kitchen!

Gaaaaaah! You should have heard my reaction when I saw the Café Collection.

Sarah and I were starting to work on my house and the only thing I could think of was light, light, LIGHT!

I was dreaming of a bright, warm, welcoming kitchen. I wanted it to be the center of the house. I wanted to get myself back into cooking and the way I like to cook is how we do it in the South of France – it’s like a sophisticated version of a lazy hang out.

La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge

I am never without lipstick on me. Not on my face necessarily, but it is always within an arm’s reach. Because I believe...

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New York vs Paris
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This or That: American or Française?

This or That: American or Française?

atelier dore le meridien art of love chapter three the date

Art of Love / Chapter Three

Art of Love / Chapter Two

Art of Love / Chapter Two

le meridien art of love atelier dore

Art of Love / Chapter One

madewell sezane paris new york tee tshirt garance dore photos

Two Cities

tour triangle paris herzog de meuron garance dore architecture

Touch the Sky

caroline de maigret speaks fiaf garance dore photos

See Caroline!

melissa bon style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Melissa

Garance Dore Illustration

Things Parisians Do

Home is in the Details

You might have heard — Garance is finally home! And it has been a journey! The very first time I met with Garance, a little over a year ago, it was in this exact home, but I would have definitely described it as just a house at that time, not a home. Bare walls, a couch and lots and lots of boxes.

This or That: American or Française?

This or That: American or Française?

Years before I ever realized that I would actually end up working for her, Garance was my introduction to a certain kind of fashion. At the time, she wrote a lot about Parisian style and New York style. As a college...

in her words samaris pagan on hurricane maria

In Her Words: Samaris Pagán on Hurricane Maria

Samaris is one of our lovely interns at Atelier Doré. When we first met her and heard her story of not only surviving Hurricane Maria, but eventually making her way to New York, and thriving, we knew we wanted to...

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