atelier dore jessie randall and clementine street style

Jessie & Clementine / Mother & Daughter

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to feature a mother/ daughter duo who possess both a lot of style and a lot of love! Jessie Randall and her daughter, Clementine,...

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atelier dore how to feng shui meghan wallace james

How To / Feng Shui

I serendipitously met Los Angeles-based Meghan Wallace James just over a year ago. She was...

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atelier dore three looks lia ices

Three Looks with Lia Ices

Lia Ices is the kind of woman who, when she talks, everyone leans in to listen. She’s able to...

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Parents Are People Too

Parents Are People Too

We all forget that our parents have lives outside of us. For instance, my mom, Anne Marie Kelley,...

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atelier dore matrescence carly cushnie


Look, I’ll be honest, my uterus has not been used for its intended purpose yet but I am of the age...

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violette style story atelier dore

Style Story / Violette

A few frigid weeks ago, Bogdana and myself had the pleasure of stepping into the home and head of...

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gemma burgess in her words miscarriage atelier dore

In Her Words: Gemma Burgess on Miscarriages

One in three pregnancies ends in miscarriage. That’s what I told myself when I had my first...

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Parenthood is a life-changing experience. For most, the moment that baby is born, everything shifts...

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Pocket PMF: Friendship After Kids

Pocket PMF: Friendship After Kids

For the first pocket episode of our new season, a few of us sat down with Garance to talk about how...

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LaTonya Yvette Atelier Dore

In Her Words: LaTonya Yvette

In the center of my children’s room there is a mushroom lamp that I purchased at Acorn toy...

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