Jeanne Damas

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How does one achieve the effortless mess that is French hair? I come out of the shower positive my hair will work with me today, but the frizz starts too soon and the curls are out of...

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The French Way

Oh! Did you recently purchase a pussy-bow tied blouse? A mod skirt? Were you hoping to feign even...

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Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrating is something I too often forget to do. Time passes quickly, you go from one activity to...

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A Beauty Minute with Jeanne Damas

Morning: Every morning, I wash my hair with a gentle Klorane shampoo made with oat milk. I also put...

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The New Mini

Attention please, the new minis are here. They’re high waisted and make your legs look super long....

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There is a real difference between the jumpsuits I wear and have been showing you recently on the...

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Jeanne’s Top Spots

We asked Jeanne to tell us some of her top spots in Paris…

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Style Story: Jeanne

It’s hard to be more Parisian than Jeanne – she has this insolent and funny side of the...

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La Parisienne

La Parisienne

I met Jeanne on a project I photographed for Maison Jules in Paris. They wanted a girl who...

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