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atelier dore how to feng shui meghan wallace james

How To / Feng Shui

I serendipitously met Los Angeles-based Meghan Wallace James just over a year ago. She was simultaneously starting up her Feng Shui business, while navigating a separation and settling into...

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atelier dore 5 women on monetizing creativity shapes

5 Women on Monetizing Creativity

I pitched this story rather selfishly actually, because… well, I’m so curious! It’s not the...

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atelier dore lisa goodwin how to botox

How To / Botox

The recent #10-year challenge craze on Instagram involves posting photos of oneself today and from a...

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atelier dore astrology nadine june

How To / Astrology

At the studio, I sit across from the bubbly and talkative Mary. When she realized it was March 1st...

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How to / Build a Brand

How to / Build a Brand

Julia Melbourne is a PR superstar. Think Samantha Jones (from Sex and the City!) at the height of...

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How To / Buy Your First Piece of Art

How To / Buy Your First Piece of Art

If you are thinking about collecting art, the documentary, Herb & Dorothy should be at the top...

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How To / Do Less!

How To / Do Less!

I have a theory that the most depressing day of the year is the Tuesday after Labor Day. Why?...

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How To / Travel on a Budget

How To / Travel on a Budget

I’m ashamed to admit…I’ve never been to Europe. I know. I know! I have been lucky...

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