Three Looks with Sonia Sieff

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Sonia Sieff is no stranger to Atelier Doré. You might remember her from a few years ago, here. Or seen the glory of her beautiful nude photography here or here. We always love putting a photographer in front of the camera, especially one as dynamic as Sonia. Enjoy!



Three Looks with Sonia Sieff

What’s your definition of style versus fashion?
Style is what you wear without following the trends, or only the trends that really match your style!

How does Paris — or any other city you’re traveling to — impact your style?
I totally follow the mood of the city I’m in. Roma colors my style. I want joy and patterns in a Mediterranean city. New York is more grungy. Paris is a question of lines, what we call “allure” and proportions.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform to wear every day?
A Charvet suit, a vintage 501 jean, a La Fetiche macintosh, a nice pair of shoes and my l’Uniform Personalized bag, my everyday Charlotte Chesnais Jewelry.



Three Looks with Sonia Sieff

Who are your style icons?
I like when women know themselves very well and dress up in a style which works the best for them. Personally, I don’t follow any icon but I definitely watch / observe. If I had to choose I would say my friends have street style and traveling inspires my style.

Has being a photographer affected your sense of style? Do you ever take any inspiration from the subjects you’re photographing?
Sometimes someone gives me the idea of looking for an old piece in my cupboard to wear again. I like when models and stylists mix fabrics, patterns, brands, old and new in a stunning way. I love personal taste.



Three Looks with Sonia Sieff

Look One:

Pants, Studio la Fetiche; Necklace Charlotte Chesnais; Blouse, vintage; ring, Elie.

Look Two:

Top, Studio La Fetiche; jeans Anatomica.

Look Three:

Blouse, leather jacket and boots, Chloe by Natacha Ramsay Levi.

Sandals, Rondini.


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