atelier dore alison carroll three looks joshua tree desert living

Alison’s Desert Living

Several years ago, Alison Carroll and her husband, Jay, packed up their LA lives and headed into the Joshua Tree desert. Talk about “renewal,” right? There is something about the...

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atelier dore market story hats summer swim

Summer Hats

Typically, I’m not the kind of person who wears a hat. No shade to the hat enthusiasts among us, I...

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naomi elize atelier dore

A Street Style with Naomi Elizé

I’m always really impressed by someone who can pull off fashion like it’s *no big...

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atelier dore kyly zak rabin street style

A Street Style with Kyly Zak Rabin

Kyly Zak Rabin is the co-founder of Zak.–a one-stop shop for all your optical needs. As a...

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atelier dore summer in the city fashion editorial

Summer in the City

New York City changes in the summertime. Not just in the obvious ways. It’s hot, it’s humid, it...

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atelier dore jessie randall and clementine street style

Jessie & Clementine / Mother & Daughter

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to feature a mother/ daughter duo who...

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Forty Five Ten: Redefining the Retail Experience

Forty Five Ten: Redefining the Retail Experience

Every few months during my mom’s childhood, she and my grandmother would pile into my...

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atelier dore three looks lia ices

Three Looks with Lia Ices

Lia Ices is the kind of woman who, when she talks, everyone leans in to listen. She’s able to...

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atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

Ladies in Layers

As I sit here writing this on April 24th, I think I might finally be able to say it… winter…...

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Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

About 80% of the studio gets our hair cut by the same glorious person. Darby at Whiteroom in...

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atelier dore in the details patricia lagmay jewelry

In the Details

When I was looking at the pictures from our shoot with Patricia a couple of months ago, I couldn’t...

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atelier dore Francesca Amfitheatrof three looks

Three Looks With Francesca Amfitheatrof

Francesca is the founder of Thief and Heist, the recently launched jewelry brand that we love. She...

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atelier dore gee gee ferguson street style australia

A Street Style With Gee Gee Ferguson

Gee Gee Ferguson has one of those looks that is immediately striking. In the best way. I mean, that...

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katie sturino fashion editorial atelier dore

Katie the Megababe

If you don’t already know Katie Sturino, you probably should. She’s one of those multi-hyphenate...

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atelier dore jess hannah style story

Style Story / Jess Hannah Révész

I’ve admired Jess Hannah Révész as a designer for quite some time now. As someone who shops...

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atelier dore street style with Kenzie Bryant

A Street Style with Kenzie

Kenzie has that sort of unattainable kind of cool that simultaneously makes you feel inspired and...

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atelier dore patricia lagmay how to thrift shop

The Thrill of the Thrift

I’m sure you guys remember Patricia from her style story earlier this year, during which she...

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Ganni Girls

Ganni Girls

Garance routinely speaks about simply being a feminist through actions, as opposed to relying on...

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When in Napa…

Scribe’s Historic Hacienda

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On Location at Scribe

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