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Cap Beauty atelier dore

Conversations with CAP Beauty

Last week I had the immense pleasure of moderating a little chit-chat in the Atelier with Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisee, founders of CAP Beauty. We invited them, along with some...

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The Shoes Have It

The Shoes Have It

Guys! I don’t want to jinx it but I think spring is finally here! There’s a chance...

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Atelier Dore Is Atelier Dore

One Year as Atelier Doré!

Guys! It’s officially been one year to the day since we re-branded as Atelier Doré. It feels...

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The Essentials / Almond Milk

The Essentials / Almond Milk

We’re so excited to introduce you to our new recipe series, The Essentials. From listening to...

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Pia Menchler Atelier Dore

In Her Words: Pia Mechler

I don’t want to give this statuesque beauty much of an introduction because she doesn’t...

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True Botanicals Atelier Dore

True Botanicals

I genuinely can’t wait to be a crotchety old lady who plays bridge most afternoons, drinks...

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Sophia Roe Atelier Dore

All is Well with… Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is a dynamo. Obvious looks aside, she is approachable, calls everyone angel, and is a...

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Homepolish Atelier Dore

Homepolish x You

People say if you can survive home renovation with your partner, you can survive anything. I believe...

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Mini vs Midi Atelier Dore

Skirt the Issue

I don’t even want to think about how short my skirts were in my twenties. They were more loin...

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DS & Durga Atelier Dore

Studio Visit / D.S.&Durga

We all know smoking kills, but thank god we were all young, naive, and thought we were invincible so...

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Heather Day Atelier Dore

Heather Day

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Mr. and Mrs. Smith when Angelina Jolie’s character...

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Julie Houts Atelier Dore

The Crown Julie

Julie Houts recently cleaned out her closet. She doesn’t know I know this but I do. I know...

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Lavido Atelier Dore

Lavido Replenishing Serum

Lindy West is one of my favorite writers. She cemented this status when she wrote “Gwyneth...

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make up or fashion atelier dore

Which Comes First: Make-Up or Fashion?

Two things you need to know for context. 1) I live above a beer garden which I frequent often with...

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Celsious Atelier Dore

How to / Modernize Your Laundry Routine

When Tori sent me a link to Celsious, an eco friendly laundromat in Brooklyn headed up by two...

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90s coma atelier dore


I could never get sick of the 90s so I revisit it daily with @90s.coma and take a heavy dose of...

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International Women's Day Atelier Dore

International Women’s Day

Women, oh women, oh women. Where do I begin? If you read our Modern Romance post this morning you...

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Joan Didion Atelier Dore

Joan Didion

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see...

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