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Women Who Rock

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Women Who Rock

It’s Women’s History Month, and we’re celebrating with some of our favorite female artists! So turn up the beats. “Raise Your Glass” with P!nk, “Roar” with Katy, and remember who “Run The World”… GIRLS!

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  • virginia March, 15 2018, 5:33 / Reply

    Just read the Mini on Comments on our Comments and think this (Women who Rock) is a good place to post this. No matter how much they troll and try to bring you (us) down, please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I love this blog (community?) and what you’re doing.

    I have been reading for near 4 years now, and, even though sometimes I can’t relate to everything on the sight, I know what you are doing is important, for creativity and the expression of women’s talent.

    Ignore the naysayers. There are so many more of us who have respect and love for others and believe that this comes through in the Atelier Dore’s website (community?).

    I don’t often post comments but really want to let you know this.


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