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Everybody’s Talkin’ About

The Gucci Spring 2016 Campaign…

Alessandro Michele has taken the reins of Gucci and, in doing so, created a whole new fashion tribe. One who lives for vistas, florals, and eccentricity. There’s something to talk about, specifically in his gender non-specific castings too…


Speaking of, shout out to Jaden Smith, making his SS16 debut in the Louis Vuitton campaign sporting a skirt. Not to mention the other stand out of Series 4, yes, that is a fictional avatar called Lightning, from the animated game “Final Fantasy”.

Spring is already showing to be a season of freedom…




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  • Hmmm,…..I’m not too comfortable with the emaciated look,….it brings back memories of “heroin chic” from the 90s, which is something I thought everyone had gotten past.

  • Martine January, 9 2016, 3:55

    They don’t look starved. They look slender. In any case, as obesity is the number one health problem in the West, and Anorexia is currently just about thankfully gone( less then .05 percent of the population has been hospitalized for it) I think its about time to celebrate some slenderness. And frankly, all this curviness never really did it for me. Its fine of course, and maybe even sexy, but its also a little vulgar. Plus, would you really prefer five kinds of sequins on a bigger volume?

  • Martine, have you stopped and wonder why you consider curves vulgar? and you are not alone in this association, but I wonder if that is more about controlling through shame in order to repress carnal desires/ or jealousy invoke in the person doing the shaming. I find a lot of hypocrisy in what is considered vulgar and acceptable in our society, specially because the rule doesn’t seem to be applied equally among different groups.

  • Josiesephine January, 16 2016, 11:12

    . @ Jessica. You are right. there is alot of hypocrisy in things people do. Its ironic that an overweight nation would be so afraid of people being skinny, and shaming anyone that chooses to think that thin is attractive, but growls when anyone dares to suggest that fat is not. If you really wanted to promote diversity of looks, you would not put down one, and applaud another. You would applaud them all.

  • Caroline Dé January, 5 2016, 6:59 / Reply

    Ca alors, Lightning égérie de mode, je n’y aurais jamais cru en jouant à Final Fantasy!

  • Loving the SS16 campaigns right now, especially Gucci.

    http://j.mp/DNAtheshop http://www.designers-artists.com

  • Le choix des héros de Final Fantasy pour une campagne est une idée géniale. Moderne et novatrice. Top!

  • The spring seems soon far away!
    And the florals seem so 70s.
    Don’t even know, which one is worse.
    Just kidding! Trying to be a smart-ass here. :)


  • josiesephine January, 16 2016, 11:16

    HA! I would be happy to wear a fur diaper and straight jacket if such a trend would make spring come early.

  • Ohhhhh my god! absolutely in love with Alessandro´s proposal. Fearless, sexy, chic, nerdy, classic….etc etc etc

    I totally agree

  • I really love the tighter clothing on the men!!! Its about time they stopped wearing oversized pants sagging to their knees, and oversized shirts, and oversized coats, so you really don’t know what they look like except their face! The proportions are lovely. And its good to see a bit of glamour after all of that ( also nice) monochromatic, simpleness.

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