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Too Easy!

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Too Easy!

What could be more useful than a designer giving you a 22 day wardrobe made out of 8 easy pieces. Yes fine, you have to be akin to the colors black and white, but who isn’t? Aren’t they the foundation of any outfit? That’s exactly what Misha Nonoo has done and the idea is really quite cool.

It had me recalling our Traveling Pants story last year, the idea that you can re-use one piece rather simply with a bit of imagination. It also had me thinking about Project 333 – started by a woman who narrowed her wardrobe down to 33 items (shoes, accessories, clothing) to re-imagine for outfits 3 months. Impressive! No?

It keeps me wondering, do I need all these things? How far would you go to test the limits of your own closet and the possibilities of a restricted set of garments?

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  • Fabienne February, 7 2017, 3:24 / Reply

    My limits ? I started already ! I didn’t buy nothing since 4 month ! When my mother passed away and i saw her “limited” wardrobe with lovely pieces i said to myself “it has to stop now this waist of money, this killing capitalism” and i did and i feel “lighter as my Wallet. All my best to the studio

  • Ouais… je sais pas je trouve qu’il y a accumulation et accumulation. J’y pensais justement aujourd’hui. Tant que t’as pas quatre fois le même jean et dix fois le même t-shirt… tu peux en avoir beaucoup s’ils sont tous différents non ?

  • The problem of paring down is getting each piece that works with the others. So you don’t have a top that’s too bulky to go under a jacket or sweater, or so the pants are the right proportion with the jacket. The beauty of buying a small wardrobe like this is that all those details have been worked out.
    When I was pregnant, I kept my maternity clothes to a minimum. Five white shirts, five pairs of black pants for work. Plus a couple of weekend outfits. So about 15 pieces, which I wore for six or seven months (I didn’t need maternity clothes until into month 3).

  • i love a capsule wardrobe, but all these looks are almost the same. i think the perfect capsule wardrobe should combine some “hero” pieces with some basic ones to create a pallette of diverse looks…

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