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Things I Want to Do More

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Things I Want to Do More

1. Read – Less Netflix, more books!

2. Travel – Even just a weekend trip! I have an urge to take one alone actually…

3. Dance alone in my bedroom – A good ole fashioned solo dance party is good for the soul.

4. Cook – I’ve totally fallen off the cooking bandwagon and need some serious inspiration to get back on it. I should take note from Elle..

5. Meditate – It’s one of those things I do for a day and then forget to do ever again.

What about you? What’s on your personal to-do list?


Add yours
  • Clarissa August, 12 2016, 4:44 / Reply

    Go back to running and yeah…read more

  • Personally, I love travelling solo. It’s my preferred method of spending time – with myself. But there are definitely benefits to groups :)


  • Love these ideas. I have been cooking more but definitely need to work on the reading part.

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  • Ah !!
    Presque la même chose que toi !
    Lire des classiques que je n ai jamais lu …. j ai acheté cousine Bette de Balzac.
    Je lis pas mal dans les transports souvent des livres que l on m’a offert …et du coup …peu de temps pour mes choix persos ..
    Ensuite, dessiner plus , aux terrasses de café ( pas fait encore ) , retourner plus au Louvre ….
    Bon c’est en bonne voie …mais il faut étre seule pour faire cela …. par contre je ne lâche pas les cours et la peinture . Un peu de relâchement cet été avec les aperos copInes.
    Cuisiner oui aussi plus et essayer des trucs sympas ( legumes lactofermentes , confitures …mais par contre aussi me remettre plus au sport ( courir et faire du yoga chez soi )… j ai pris 3 kilos ….aie !
    J ai pas essayer la méditation, on ne M en dit que du bien .. à essayer peut être entre tout cela !

  • Yes to reading! Also start doing Zumba again, write more job applications, and (and this has been on my list at least since I left school in 2001) know what I want.

  • Jennifer August, 14 2016, 10:05 / Reply

    More cooking.
    More writing, especially notes to friends.
    More listening.
    More Reading.
    Learning French. A little everyday.
    Better organized.
    More snuggling with my sons.
    Saving more.

  • Well, most of the things on my to-do list I don’t wanna tell…
    But, I’d also want to read more books (I am hooked on magazines…).
    I want to travel (and I will soon!!).
    I want to sew a few things I’ve had on my mind.
    I want to swim more.
    I want to excerise more.
    I also want to learn to meditate.
    And I feel that I have just been too lazy sometimes… I could have done all these things already. No excuses. :)
    But, oh well….


  • dance parties on your own are such a confidence-booster. X

  • I want to read more and, what’s more difficult, write more. More massages would be nice too, my neck is terrible these days. However I always think that massages are some kind of treat that I don’t deserve!

  • Bon bah en gros, c’est exactement ma liste aussi haha :) Moins de Netflix surtout !


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