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The Nude Lip

4 years ago by

Why can’t I get it right?

I’m a bold red lip girl 90% of the time. I play around with pink and berry and sometimes, when I’m feeling extra wild, I’ll go for coral. I’ve always been a bit jealous of the girls who pull off the nude lip (when I say nude lip, I mean wearing a lipstick that is somewhere between the natural color of your lips and the color of your skin). My roommate is one of those girls. She looks really good wearing a nude lipstick. It’s fresh, it’s chic and it is pretty spot on with the natural beauty we saw on the spring runways.

Her trick? She often creates a base using her normal foundation on her lips or just wears the foundation as lipstick. Nude perfection.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my beauty to-do list.

PS: In the photo is Clinique Creamy Nude #03.


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  • Je n’ose ni l’un, ni l’autre… encore pas mal de chemin à faire ! :)

  • i understand by nude my natural skin colour. i think make up would blank my lips. i’ll stick to by reds! :)

  • Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist to the gods, publishes some great videos on her youtube channel regarding nude lips! Loveher

  • It’s funny Alex because I’m a huge nude lipstick lover but I admire so much girls that wear powerful lip colors like you. I have quite plump lips so when I put red on them I feel like I’ve got a red light on my face. I would love to dare more and be more playful but it just feels uncomfortable. Though, nude lipstick can be as playful because the colors are so diverse: pure beige, nude pink, coral, etc. It can also be really glamorous and also I feel like red lips could put off a guy if he wants to kiss a girl. The tips for the foundation as a base for the lipstick is a great idea ! I agree with Carina as regards Lisa Eldridge (love love her), she always wears the best nude lipsticks in her videos.
    Btw, what is this gorgeous lipstick in the picture ? **

  • Hi Madie! The lipstick in the photo is Clinique Creamy Nude #03! I’m still trying to master red lipstick on a date… I’ll keep you posted on that adventure :) xo Alex

  • Dominique January, 27 2014, 6:19 / Reply

    Awhh i’m jealous of that girl :(

    New post up,

  • Hi Alex ! Thanks for responding, I’m gonna try this lipstick asap! ** Oh yes please, I really want a report on that because choosing your makeup for a date is even more complicated than choosing the right outfit (or is it only for me ?).

  • My favorite is Nars Dolce Vita :*)

  • I love a nude lip and find that the trick with the foundation totally works. I also think that not every nude works for everyone but that Tom Ford has some of the best options.

  • Sooooo hard to find “nude” — I’d settle for “natural.”

    Alas I always end up various shades of red and, when I’m racy, deep pink.

    Nude is the ultimate in tailored….perhaps it isn’t in my personality.

  • I love love love a nude lip, but sometimes you have to be careful. Last week I put a post up where I did a nude lip in the photos… and… let’s just say Bieber isn’t the only one with mug shots out last week. Check it out for yourself

  • Pure Zen by MAC is my go-to, it’s great!

  • Hi Alex!
    I have a problem with some really nude lipsticks, those which look like skin particulary; it makes me looked like I’m dead!
    I think the secret is to find your perfect shade of nude!
    For your roomate, it’s her fondation colour, for me, it has to be a darker color then my fondation, like a “pink-beige”, or a “golden-beige”, but if I put a mat beige, it does’nt work!
    And those colours are sadly very appealing to me, I recently bought an Urban Decay lipstick called “Naked2” ( ) and I’m so sad because I can’t wear it alone! I have to add a golden gloss if I want it to be wearable…
    Aaah, the nude lipstick…
    PS: sorry for my mistakes in english, I’m french!;)

  • I would say why not try a nude lip? But I would be careful using your foundation only as it can really wash you out! Maybe blend a slightly pink gloss or creamy lipstick on top of that. MAC Creme Cup is a gorgeous nude as is Shy Girl. (Creme cup more pink, Shy girl is more peach!)
    Lovely Notions

  • Maria khan January, 28 2014, 2:17 / Reply

    …… & I can’t wear pink lipstick of any sort. I mean in my head I’m looking like a barbie with yellow teeth eewww!!!!

  • I really like this shade… I think this lipstick is so creamy, so it’s the perfect solution to the nude ones (which are really difficult to apply).
    A fashion & DIY blog…

  • It’s funny that you post this today because it is just the day I’m wearing a very stong red lipstick!

  • Nude is my everyday lipstick. J’ai égaré mon favori qui ne se fait plus j’ai l’impression. Dans l’urgence (oui c’est une urgence !) j’ai acheté un loreal color rich (381), je me fiche qu’il tienne bien, je l’utilise comme un baume à lèvres et en remets donc souvent. Le remplaçant n’égale pas l’original pour l’hydratation, je vais devoir le traquer ! Je suis frustrée de ne pas porter de belles couleurs comme le violine ou le bordeaux plus souvent, donc j’ai ma dose quotidienne de lipstick comme ça !

  • Victoria January, 28 2014, 5:51 / Reply

    You should try MAC creme sheen in Modesty – it has changed my life! You can wear just a smidge for a hint of natural lip colour or layer it up for a slightly more pink nude. Heaven!

  • The perfect nude lipstick is hard to find, would love to try this one! xx

  • Awesome and creatice idea will definitely try it out. Because red lipstick usually does it for me:) xo, Sabina OceanblueStyle

  • I found a lip pencil that does the trick for me when it comes to nude lips! It’s from Boots and their line nº/7. It’s called blush and it’s just ideal!!! I wear it with a little bit of lip balm on the top to avoid the dryness of the lip pencil and I love it!

  • Hi Alex!
    I’ve got the same Clinique lipstick and I don’t really like it. I find it too orange. I guess it’s not for my skin tone. I’ve also tried a couple of Lancome L’absolu Nu but thought it looked very fake :(
    I think a dark pink is much more natural. I absolutely love my MAC Brave! Give it a try!

  • J’ai ri en voyant la photo ( en regardant vite) et le titre

    Moi c’est l’inverse,j’aimerais porter du rouge mais à l’unanimité,à part sur scène,cela ne me va pas.

  • Dear Alex, the nude lip is tricky especially if one is trying to pull off the look without sufficient cheek colour and/or eye make up. The nude lip does nothing for me – just doesn’t suit my colouring; but I am very comfortable with a mid pink lip with blue tones and a little gloss on centre bottom lip.
    Sometimes the nude lip is easier to wear with the right lip liner (a few shades darker) but it can result in a very “make up look” which can be too harsh in daylight. Trial and error is the only way to go here. Do always check your look in daylight before leaving the house. Also important to ensure that you aren’t trying to wear too much product, ie apply once with brush, blot, reapply, blot.
    Watch Charlotte Tilbury tutorial on “Kate Moss look”.

  • Alex! I love your posts. I think foundation base is key and I would also take a look at Mac, they have an amazing range of nude shades covering the beautifully wide range of skin shades. Anyway have fun with it. Enjoy.

  • it all depends of your lip color my lips a soft rose naturally…is the nude has a warm undertone it’s so not for me…i look for a cool heather undertone…trial and error..u can always use your canceler or foundation with lip gloss

  • I’m exactly the opposite!! haha
    I’m trying to feel confortable with a bold red on my lips, but somehow the natural look or the nude look overrules… :)

  • Essaie le Lip cover no 11 Antique Rose de Burberry. La couleur est juste Wow!!!
    Pas trop beige et pas trop rose, juste parfait.Je l’ai trouvé par pur hasard! ;)

  • Murielle January, 28 2014, 9:14 / Reply

    Le problème est qu’il faut trouver le bon ton de nude qui nous correspond, c’est le plus difficile

  • Oh my god, you are me! I am you! I have no problem with all shades of red, bright plums, corals, pinks, fuchsia. But you put nude on me and I look like an extra on the Walking Dead. I even bought one recently (NARS Last Tango) because it looked a little more cool toned, and I still felt like I looked like the undead. Sigh. If it’s true there’s a perfect red out there for everyone, hopefully the same is true for a perfect nude!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • I’ve been trying to break my red habit too! Give makeup forever a try. I think I found my perfect nude with #30. It’s kind of like a sheer matte (contradiction but it makes sense with this!) so it gives my lips a shape but doesn’t look too drawn on.

  • I also wear red lipstick all the time! Really trying to for a bit so that my lips have a break as they’re really drying out :( Just bought Clarins Hyrdaquench balm and it’s great- looks better than a nude lip! x

  • J’opte aussi souvent pour des couleurs naturelles pour mes lèvres, mais évidemment trouver le bon rouge est un parcours du combattant ! Quand j’en ai un, je ne le lâche plus jusqu’à ce que je finisse par m’en lasser (difficilement) ou en trouve un qui me comble encore plus (n’arrive pratiquement jamais).
    Par contre je n’ai jamais pensé à le remplacer par du fond de teint… j’aurai un peu peur que cela assèche les lèvres !?

  • There are more people that cant wear red that wish they could….I say be happy with what works!!

  • I’ve tried so many nude lipsticks and tricks but they really don’t work on me. I always look so washed out and tired!

  • C’est pour un lipstick nude ( mais alors vraiment nude clair !) que j’avais opté pour mon mariage. Il s’est passé sur une plage tropicale, donc assez soécial. Trouver la robe a été super dur, alors à l’heure du make up je ne savais pas trop pour quelle solution opter. Finalement, le nude allait très bien avec le cadre et l’idée de ce mariage; du mascara léger, un bronzage léger aussi qui faisait ressortir mes taches de rousseur et donc ce rouge”nude”qui accompagnait le tout discrètement, et hop, manquait plus qu’un petit plongeon dans la mer !

  • I wear all the time a red-plym lipstick. I like nude lips but I cannot find a lipstick that is perfect for me. So I try a pink-nude lipgloss by Chanel and it’s perfect dor my skin color. I don’t look like a phantom. If you find a nude lipstick I am thrilled to hear about it or you maybe be like me and there isn’t a nude lipstick for you (I hope not)! :)

  • I love a nude lip. I usually wear a nude lip or a red lip. One extreme or another. My absolute favorite of the moment is YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #9. A few weeks ago I went to purchase it and thought it was discontinued. PANIIC until the lovely YSL makeup artist found it for me. (It didn’t help we had to color match because I had worn the info off the bottom) Love love love this color

  • I’m the same, Alex! I’m ghost pale, but my lips are strangely dark, so most nude lipsticks just make me look like I ate something disgusting. So far, the only nude-ish lip products I’ve been able to wear are Revlon’s Pink in the Afternoon lipstick (although I even have to be careful with that one), and Fresh Sugar’s tinted lip treatment in Petal. Both are still pink-ish, but subdued enough to wear with a bolder eye (which, in my case, is just bolder than not wearing any makeup at all, haha).

  • I just had a lightbulb moment! My friend always pulls of the beautiful nude lip so well and I came to the conclusion it is because she has ivory porcelain skin, where as I have an olive tone. Tada! It’s not that I can never wear a nude lipstick, it’s that if I want to wear a “nude” lipstick I just need to search for one that complements my skin-tone!

    The search is on!

  • Nude is difficult. Strange, but I find reds, even hot pinks, easier to wear than nudes. I guess it’s because I feel if I wear a nude lip color, I’ll need to spend extra time on my eyes and cheeks (which we know are much more difficult to master than anything else on the face). But I do have a few subtle colors which I consider my “nudes”- Nars Dolce Vita and Mac Twig are my go-to pink toned nudes and Shiseido Macadamia Beige is my nude-nude lip color. These are great colors to wear on occasion, but once I went red, it’s hard to go back. Why be Norma Jean, when you can be Marilyn Monroe?

  • Nude is just not for me. So is pink. My complexion is on the darker side and my lips even darker.
    Nude color will make me looks pale. My sister has fair skin and she really rocks Nude lipstick. I am so envy of that.

  • J’aime bien ce type de teintes pour les lèvres.
    Il semblerait que cette référence en Clinique n’existe pas en France….

  • Maggie Anderson January, 30 2014, 3:08 / Reply

    I like the lipstick very much. Covers my imperfections, perfectly. Looks so natural.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Alex, another thing I have trouble with is the texture. Nude lip should probably not be matte, right? Unless you are going for a super sixties look (totally cool, but maybe not for easy breezy work type days). If it is glossy it is not really “no-makeup makeup”, because it’s foregrounded by the shine, like BAM. So where does that leave us? Old school satin texture? Not too shiny, not too matte? I want to wear lipstick to my stuffy, academic, conservative-yet-casual workplace, but whenever I wear a B.R.M. I feel too obnoxious. Help! I just want to look elegant and put-together with the ideal pinkish nude. A go-to neutral lipstick, y’know? On days where you want your personality to shine places other than your kisser, but where you want to wear SOMETHING that very subtly brightens and evens out your lips.

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