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The Dora Dilemma

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The Dora Dilemma

I recently had the pleasure of buying a new Macbook.

Opening the box, I felt a twinge of sadness, as I knew it wouldn’t be long before my pristine new computer fell prey to, well… me.

I’ve always been amazed and envious of people who manage to keep their Macs as box fresh as when they bought them. Somehow, their cords stay pristine, untangled; their icons and apps organized in symmetry on the dust-free screen. If they ever ate cookies in bed during a solo Netflix and chill night, you’d never know about it.

My honeymoon period lasts about 2 weeks. Then the documents start piling up in a scramble on my desktop, my charger becomes a grubby grey knot, my headphones are a tangle at the bottom of my bag.

Don’t get me wrong, I really try.

I see those stylish women at the airport with their perfectly un-overstuffed handbags, neatly folded travel documents and sharp haircuts. Comparatively, I’m a complete scruff bag – a mess of holey vintage clothes, too much carry-on; a surplus of accessories and tools for every occasion crammed into my backpack (“Dora the Explorer” my friends call this look). I tell myself it’s the look of adventure, of world travel, preparation for every and any occasion. I’m Mary Poppins, only instead of one bottomless bag, I have three…

Nevertheless, I dream of a day where perhaps I’ll be a little more put together. I’ll shop at places like COS, and be defined by “clean lines” and “quiet sophistication”. I’ll never arrive out of breath, or late, or spend 20 minutes at the turnstile searching for my metro card. I’ll stop carrying safety pins in my wallet for when my second-hand clothes fall apart on me, and will routinely clean out my bag so I’m not lugging around a lone item of cutlery and twenty million receipts (part of a losing battle to “be good at tax”).

Is this an age thing (I’m 24), or is Dora in my DNA? Am I destined to be the explorer forever?

by Georgia Graham


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  • I don’t think you have to look good all the time, you don’t have to try too hard to be like others because people can see that right away.
    If you have Dora in your DNA, then keep being the explorer. You’re most beautiful when you’re comfortable with your self <3


  • emmanor April, 4 2017, 2:53 / Reply

    Entre le style trop impeccable et les habits troués, il y a toute une gamme de possibilités ! ça ne devrait pas être trop difficile !

  • I always feel the same way! And I’m 34 – I think it may be personality – I continue to try to get better, but sometimes embracing it is good too!

  • Hi,
    nobody is perfect. I think those squeeky-clean-looking paople are dirty on the inside. As for your computer, a hot tip is to name your files and folder like this 170405_folderfullofstuff or 170405_randnomfile. With the date backwards at the beginning, and then any name. This way they will always be in chronological order,- even if you open them again, and you can have them all in a massive scramble if you like!
    Take care,

  • Oh wow … same here. It took me 38 years to understand that I will never be that perfect :-) I am ok with it right now. But my Macbook really needs a clearance …

  • I would say it’s an age thing… but you will luckily always have a bit of Dora in you. :)

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