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The Céline Outlet

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The Céline Outlet

Yes, it’s real. Take a deep breath.

It just opened at Woodbury Commons, a mega outlet mall in New York. I haven’t been before, only because I’m afraid I will lose all self-control and have to file for bankruptcy. I’m only 26, it’s just too soon.


*cough cough cough* Hey G, I think I have a cold. Can’t make it into work today. *cough cough cough*

Brie and I have compiled a list of the things we really really hope to find at the Céline outlet…


1. Striped and structured top and pant via Pre-Fall 2012.
2. The camel leather mini dress from Spring 2010.
3. Top on a top. Genius Pre-Fall 2011.
4. Spring 2013 plunging netted v-neck dress. Perfect for summer weddings.
5. The entire look from Pre-Fall 2013, but if they only had one item the shoes! Maybe a pair got damaged in my size?


6. Those PINK PANTS from Resort2012.
7. A jacket that comes is every size, thank you Resort 2013.
8. From Resort 2014, perfection in a pant, top, coat combo.
9. The floral crop top. I don’t care, I still want it. Resort 2012.
10. Lastly, Resort 2012 might as well be shipped to us if there is anything left , chic beyond chic white button up!

Any dream items you hope to find at the outlet? And if you go before us, please report your findings!


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