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I have a habit of falling in love with the personal style of my favorite characters on TV. Can you relate?

Particularly when it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker, first (of course) as Carrie Bradshaw where her (at times questionable) outfits provided serious sartorial inspiration – despite the unrealistic clothing budget a freelance writer would maybe have…

And now on her new HBO show Divorce, I’m finding myself really vibing with her character Frances’ wardrobe. Super polished, a bit 70s, a bit retro, but still very modern. She doesn’t wear any high-end fashion in this show, but lots and lots of vintage. To me, this is a true New Yorker, channelling their inner Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. It’s refreshing to see a character wearing a contemporary wardrobe with a relatable take on the working woman. So yes, I recommend tuning into to this series, but partly (mostly!) to check out SJP’s identifiable / modern take on femininity!

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  • Yes, her wardrobe is very relatable on this show! And I also love the show as well – it’s dark, but funny and real :)

  • Ouais, je l’ai vu.
    Perso’ je suis pas fan, ça manque de matière, d’aspérités, d’acteurs moins lisses.

  • Except for the damn dyed blond ringlets!! I wish this hairstyle would go away forever, except maybe for six-year-olds. It is the very opposite of chic. In my mind I always give women with this hairstyle a blunt cut and they instantly look better.

  • I’ve been admiring Francis’ style as well. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing sky-high stilletos but still looked polished and I really liked that.

  • really like her look as well! i was very flattered and pleased that the show purchased some vintage items from me. keeping an eye to see if any of the pieces end up on screen!

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