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Shopping Vintage on Instagram

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Shopping Vintage on Instagram

Vintage shopping is tricky.

You really have to be at the right place at the right time. Even your go-to spot can be hit or miss, especially when you have something very specific in mind.

That’s why I love to shop vintage on Instagram! There’s no rummaging through racks and racks of junk (though that can be very satisfying too)! These accounts post new items every day and depending the store you either direct message them or leave a comment if you want to make a purchase.

Plus, it’s a really cool way to shop vintage from cities other than the one you live in. Here are 3 accounts that I check daily ( I almost wanted to keep them to myself cause they’re that cool)

This store has some serious gems at great prices!

Everything I want to wear right now. Lots of leather slides and basket bags :)

Unique pieces for your home! Great selection of beautiful pottery and glassware.


Add yours
  • Na Nin Vintage is what I want to wear this whole summer, period.


    J’adore cet instagram qui mélange décor idylliques et pièces de goût.

  • I love this style of clothing so much but I’m struggling to find more shops that sell similar clothes. Could you recommend any more, thanks!

  • OMG, je savais pas que Instagram servait aussi de boutique en ligne ! J’y vais, merci !

  • J’aodre également les articles vintage, autant en habillement qu’en accessoire ou décoration <3

    J'ai un faible surtout pour les dentelles si fines et détaillées (comme sur ta photo)

    Merci pour les liens ;-)

  • I love sourcing Vintage online and recently came across a couple of new ones too:


  • a new one to watch is @rummagenyc. seems like this person is getting rid of their possessions!

  • Thanks for sharing these. I love shopping for vintage online as well as charity shops but didn’t consider Instagram so thank you so much. Will have a look now.

  • Christine March, 29 2017, 4:19 / Reply

    Hello garance,
    I Want to Share with You A new french vintage store :
    On Instagram too: brococo_eshop
    Really cool pieces like Yves Saint jacket or Cacharel blouse and not expensive at all ;)

  • Danielle Korneliussen March, 29 2017, 4:52 / Reply

    Such a good theme to write about! I can also come with a little gem of a vintage tip here: Dear Golden on Instagram! Her beautifull curated shop is absolutely divine. She also has a totally lush and glorious shop in the coolest town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Never in my life have I seen such an impressive focus on vintage Coach bags from the 60’s and 70’s. She has tulle gowns in shades of summer sherbet from the 50’s and long flower power dresses in bright colors from the 60’s. Shoes, jewelry, belts… And it is all super rare and special. Very well curated and not one junky speck in the entire collection. She sent a vintage Coach bag to me all the way to Norway and it arrived quickly. I was impressed!??

  • Please also check @riannainberlin for the most amazing selection of vintage pieces from YSL to Chanel and Hermes and amazing jewelry <3

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