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Sample Sale Strife

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Sample Sale Strife

If you’re lucky enough to live in a major city, you have the opportunity to shop sample sales, which in theory, is a delightful advantage to get pieces that would usually not fit into your budget at a ridiculously lower price. Last week, I sprinted out of the studio to make my way to the very first hour of a sample sale I had been looking forward to for a while, wallet in hand, ready to pop tags.

What I walked into was akin to mosh pit, a running of the bulls festival with trendy fashion girls in the role of wild animals.

I get it, hard times in the world call for shopping therapy but ladies, how does a rack of discounted clothes make us forget to be human! In the 20 minutes before I ran out with a plastic bag full of shoes, I witnessed the start of 3 fist fights, got pushed and pulled mercilessly between the skirt rack and the jeans and almost got hit by a flying set of mismatched shoes. I’m left wondering if the sandals I made it out with were worth the trauma…a question I can only answer when the temperature in New York rises above 30 degrees (I’ll leave that topic for another vent)

As good as the sample sales can be, I think I’ll just preserve my faith in humanity and shop online, in my underwear, from my couch.


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  • Wow, 3 fist fights! Geez it’s just clothes haha. I feel the same, it is not worth the stress going out when there is a major sale. I start becoming really irritated when there are so many rude people, and that is when I know it is time to for me to leave and relax at home haha.

  • hahahah I love this. I’ve never been one to go to really busy places for shopping… no matter how good the deals, I just can’t concentrate or focus on shopping when there are so many people so close to me!!

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