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Quintessentially Canadian

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Quintessentially Canadian

A long weekend spent in Toronto reminded me how funny and quirky the city can be. A handful of things I saw that felt quintessentially Canadian…

1. A canoe in a front yard.

2. A man rollerblading (an activity / mode of transportation they take very seriously) in full warmth gear with SKI POLES (unclear what their purpose was).

3. Frosted tips – the hair trend my dad once dabbled in a decade ago.

4. De Grassi Street (No idea this was real).

5. A non-satirical news segment about “A Moose on the Loose.”

Oh, Canada…


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  • Heh! Moose can be a real pain! That’s legit news. They jump very high, have you ever tried to keep a moose out of a yard you don’t want them in??? Totally impossible once they’ve decided they’re coming in. Especially if there’s something yummy involved.

    – a Canadian who has totally not seen a friend accidentally ride a moose (He was tipsy; the friend, not the moose. Mistook it for a horse.)

  • Haha wait yes! On the news the moose legit jumped a fence and I was so impressed I had no idea. I love how your friend decided to board the mystery animal anyway – like as if a wild horse would be any better hahah.

  • The moose on the loose legitimately made me laugh….and I live in Toronto. But being Canadian, I started to feel bad for the moose. It probably just wants to go home, not be in a subdivision in Markham….

  • HAHA as a Torontonian I can laugh at this and say that the moose on the loose was a one off thing, the canoe in the front yard (didn’t realize how Canadian that is until now and I know which one you’re thinking of!) Love these


  • Le Type en roller avec des bâtons: c’est un entraînement pour le ski de fond.

  • I personally love the arised of sandals and flips flops in march. And this is Winnipeg!
    Love my canada… Mercedes

  • As a Torontonian, yes the moose on the loose was captivating. But the most Canadian moment had to be turning on the tv to see what was happening with the Grey Cup between the Calgary Stampeeders vs the Toronto Argonauts this past weekend. Just to see the two teams playing as it was snowing on a snow covered field in Ottawa, our nation’s capital. Followed by the half-time show with Shania Twain coming in a dog sled in the snow. Oh by the way, Toronto won the Grey Cup…AAARRRGGGOOOSSS!!!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 30 2017, 9:37 / Reply

    So funny !

  • the guy roller-blading with ski poles was getting in shape for the ski season. I live in a small mountain ski town and this is a common sight…as is bike-riding in the dead of winter!

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