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Pocket PMF: Friendship

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Pocket PMF: Friendship

Last time on Pocket PMF, the team talked with Garance about moving to New York. The conversation of course took a million turns, so on today’s episode we’re elaborating on one of them: Friendships! Garance chats with Brie, Emily, and Natalie about adult friendship experiences – how to get them, how to maintain them, and how to end them when they really aren’t working… We hope you enjoy!

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Pocket PMF: Friendship
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Pocket PMF: Friendship
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  • Anonymous July, 14 2016, 2:54 / Reply

    Friendships are complex….yes. Friendships form differently from country to country. American friendships tend to stay to the surface at the beginning: due to work, financial issues and trust issues. Life is expensive and complicated. Yet, Americans tend to give you a “chance” from the get go…a slight degree of openmindedness. In Europe, people tend to be closeknit and are standoffish to newcomers. Friendships in Europe have been formed from a young age and people hardly/rarely leave their hometown….if they do…come back to retire or raise a family. In Europe, it takes years ( 8 to 15 years) of constant time spent together for you to be welcome into their space. TRUST issues. In Japan, due to the work load, many people just form work relationships after work and use apps of a “computerized” boyfriend/girlfriend to have some sort of “friendship”. Maybe its time to get out of our comfort zones….break the ice…comfort zones are invisible prisons. Openmindedness is really THE key. Great podcast, Studio Dore!

  • I so love the pmf podcasts! I feel like I’m hanging out with friends, and just being really quiet lol! Friendships are definitely a tough thing, and change as you get older. I’ve found pregnant women typically disappear for a couple of years except for two of my good friends. I live in South Florida which is a super transient place and most of the women I develop friendships with move. So now I have friends to visit all over the country! It’s just kind of exhausting to continually try to make new friends in a place where you’re not automatically meeting new people all the time. Thank god for the internet!

  • I love this so so much x

  • c’est quoi, comme marque, les (beaux) escarpins de Garance?

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