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Pant Rise

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Pant Rise

This is a serious fashion situation…

In my in the field market research (sometimes I need to visit Zara and Prada on a Friday afternoon to , you know, see whats going on) I realized there has been a mass production of short rise jeans. You know what I’m talking about? The distance from the waistband of your pant to the crotch. Yep, I said it, crotch.

The thing is… short rises can be short on attractiveness too. Its one thing to want to shorten the size of your behind*, but the front too? It gets a little confusing. Soon there will just be a little tag to insinuate the fact that a longer normal length zipper used to be there.

Here’s my advice for finding the right rise: make sure it is at least the length of your hand. Ah the hand, a simple tool you always carry with you (if necessary, employ a handy man for assistance) that will ensure you look chic in those pants and not like your dealing with a zipper shortage.

*think the 70s when long butt was in, or just a few years ago when mom jeans made a reappearance


Add yours
  • I have a super long torso, or big hips, or something, so I *actually like* shortening not only my back but my front!!

  • it sounds super complicated and scary! :)


  • Martine April, 12 2014, 7:08

    I completely agree with you. It doesn’t sound too complicated to me. I don’t want to look like I have a long torso and short legs. Not from the back, nor the front, so i am happy with high rise both ways. In fact i dislike short wide butt syndrome as well as the short wide hip syndrome. high rise work fine. Thats why the human waist is where it is. I mean if we want to lower the waist to show off our torso, why not enlarge the sleeve openings until people can see our bra?

  • Merci pour ce conseil ! :)


  • Quelle Horreur, or whatever you guys say. I was alive and conscious in the 90’s and remember all the bum cleavage drooping off bar stools, the muffin tops everywhere else. Spare us!

  • Oh. What a disaster indeed. Say no to those jeans!

  • Quelle horreur, indeed! Please, please, please can we have more options for higher rise jeans? I am so sick of finding nothing but jeans with 2″ zippers.

  • I’m kinda into the mom jeans right now ….am I out of style?!

  • Theresa April, 16 2014, 12:06

    I am loving the mom jeans too–esp vintage Levis that fit snugly. I also like high waist straight jeans with a cropped leg.

  • Martine April, 16 2014, 2:39

    LOL. I started laughing when she said “remember the 70’s when long buts were in or a few years ago when mom jeans reappeared.” As far as I am concerned mom jeans reappeared and STAYED. In my closet anyways. I tossed most of my low AND mid rise away in 2010. Plus my sister and I were watching Charlies Angels, and I mean the tv show, on some weird website and DROOLING over the clothing. I wasn’t alive back then, but why the HELL don’t they make clothing that pretty now? The waist should be at the waist. Why is this so difficult to grasp? And why don’t people ever match their clothing?

  • Said goodbye to low-rise a couple of months ago and embraced the new trend (except for my boyfriend cuts) – so it’s back to even lower-low-rise? Feel sexy buttoned up, much prefer the new, old hight!

  • Amen! I threw all my very low rise jeans in the charity bin not long ago also. No more yanking up my pants (even when wearing a belt) every 10 steps. And get this, the higher rise jeans make me look slimmer! Yes!!

  • I second that! Amen!

  • Justine April, 11 2014, 9:00

    So true!! I think low rise jeans were not made for people with butts.

  • Martine April, 12 2014, 7:04

    I hate short rise jeans, they are so unattractive. I also threw away the low rise jeans, skirts, and everything else. When I was in high school there were these Gap jeans with the 4 inch rise, and I wore them one day and we played twister in the gym…and i popped right out of them!!!! I still feel a creeping dread when I think of that. I don’t care for the short rectangle butt either. I agree..just use your had and if the rise is about half inch longer then your furthest reach its good.

  • Great. Those of us who do squats already turn “Natural Waist” pants into “Low Rise” pants. Just great.

  • The butt-crack exposer is making a comeback! I wouldn’t wear one for the life of me, but please, spare me the sight of other people’s butt cracks!

  • I gave up on low rise many many months ago. I have a long torso and high rise makes shirts stay tucked in (most important to me and I love tucking in) but also it makes my legs look longer. Ok, another important thing to me… comfort! Low rise is like wearing a low cut top… everything shows and it gets drafty!

  • MissPimpin April, 11 2014, 4:32 / Reply

    Bon alors pas du tout d’accord avec tout le monde
    Je ne sais pas quel âge vous avez, moi j’ai 41 ans, et je me souviens très bien de ces jeans taille ultra basse que j’avais (soupir)
    Je les a-do-rais !
    Non seulement, cela fait le c– le plus mignon de la terre, mais en ça met en avant le nombril !!!
    On avait des hauts très courts en plus (on pouvait même parfois entrapercevoir la poitrine par en dessous …)
    Bref, ultra sexy
    Evidemment, ce n’est pas pour tout le monde … moi j’en aurais bien profité en tout cas, et je conseille fortement à toutes les jeunes de faire pareil !!!

  • I was always angry with my dad who kept saying: What the heck is wrong with your jeans, your arse will pop out! Why don’t you buy regular or high waist?
    And I can see now there is no consolation for girls who need a zipper that’s longer than 5cm, so they would be decent and their bottom is where it should be.

  • Mais ouiii ! C’est pas possible, c’est affreux ces tailles ultra basses, quand je les essaye je me transforme direct en Britney Spears !

  • I love a low rise…depends on your body type

  • Elizabeth April, 11 2014, 12:15 / Reply

    for pity’s sake, no-one needs to see any more butt cracks. At least squat right down & also bend over in the privacy of the changing room & check that you stay decent…and no visible underwear, please

  • Pianetti April, 11 2014, 12:57 / Reply

    Haha, I just had a thought, maybe the trend of the partially tucked in ( front only) shirt was to elongate the look from the front and minimize the long butt look in the back. Hmmmm

  • Orangeufunnny April, 11 2014, 2:36 / Reply

    I had the most terrible lower back ache the other day. Not till I got home and took off my belt (the one that keeps my low rise pants from being indecent) did I realize that the belt was causing my lower back ache. No more. There are soooo many styles and rises of jeans and pants,. I’m sure I can find one that doesn’t require a boa constrictor belt !!!

  • One of the great things about jeans today is we can choose from so many rises. I am slim and short waisted with small hips and long legs. I live in low rise jeans. Nothing hangs out and my small butt does not disappear. The higher the rise, the more waist I lose and the jeans become dangerously close to operating like a brassiere. I am however, in love with the boyfriend style which can have a longer rise because it sits low on my hips. And I can move freely, very sexy. I am all for finding what works for you and wearing it with confidence. Nothing is more attractive.

  • I’ve noticed this trend lately as well. Not just in denim jeans but in shorts and skirts as well.

  • Je préfère les tailles régulières ou hautes. Je n’ai que 23 ans. Mais les jeans tailles baisses il faut toujours les remonter. Lorsqu’on s’assoir il faut être certaine que nos beaux sous-vêtements ne sont pas apparent. Je dis non au jeans ultra taille basse. Bye Felicia !!!!

  • I am eternally grateful than some denim makers (thank you Joe’s in particular) have realized that every body cannot wear (nor would I want to if I could) a low rise. It is entirely dependent on body type–there are many, you know! A 9 inch rise is perfect on me. So, now I can wear jeans again, but pants are a continual issue. I was nearly committed to only wear skirts from now on, but a precious few manufacturers have gotten a clue.

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