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Would you wear the same outfit two days in a row?

I remember in high school writing down everything I wore everyday in my agenda. I’d flip back and see that I wore my Abercrombie & Fitch volleyball sweatshirt three Thursday’s ago and know I’d have to wait another three Thursdays before it was safe to wear it again. I didn’t know who I thought I was keeping tracking of my outfits because it definitely wasn’t anyone on the hockey team I was trying to impress.

My obsessive wardrobe tracking didn’t survive my college years and really wouldn’t make it now that I’ve started to figure out my personal style and form somewhat of a uniform (Altfits on Altfits on Altfits), but I’ve never worn the same exact outfit two days in a row, especially around the same group of people (shoutout to the Studio!). And then last week…

I walked into the studio and Garance said to me, “You look cute today, do you have a date tonight?”

I laughed, flipped my hair, smiled and replied, “No…but I do have one tomorrow.”

“Oh, well you should wear this outfit again!”

“What? This? Again? The same thing? All of it? But you’ve all seen me in this?”

“Yeah do it. We won’t tell anyone!”

Confession: I did it.

And you know what, it wasn’t the end of the fashion world. No one at my subway platform noticed, the girl at the coffee shop didn’t seem to care and my date certainly had no idea.

What’s your policy when it comes to repeating outfits? Are you a tracker? Or do you not care at all? Am I crazy?

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  • I do this all the time. Its kind of the ultimate luxury- wearing exactly what you want at all times. Sometimes you just hit a good stride with a few clothing items. No shame.

  • Yes! I do this too, I love it. You know when you’ve got it right, and you should milk it! It makes up for the time I spend staring at my wardrobe on other days.

  • i often find outfits that turn into uniforms :)


  • Ça m’arrive souvent de remettre la même chose! Peut être par fénéantise ou parce que je n’ai pas d’autres idées de tenues.
    Pour autant, si j’ai un même haut je change de bijoux ou de coiffure… Les gens n’y voient que du feu!

  • Apparently I never wear the same thing twice in a row.
    I say apparently because I never thought about, until just now.
    And now that I think about it, I can’t figure out why, ’cause in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same thing multiple times. Though I think three times might be overdoing it…

    The White Studio

  • Is it clean? Do I want to wear it again? Wear it again. Simple!

  • Define “clean”… (this is to be read in a kind tone… :) )

  • I do it all the time. On week ends, unashamedly. for work, i normally wait a week to put the same stuff on, but I agree with you: I don’t think anyone cares.

  • Ça m’arrive souvent de remettre la même chose. Sauf qu’en j’étais a Taiwan, j’ai vécu la-bas pendant plus de 3 ans, et c’était vraiment très frustrant de ne pas pouvoir utiliser des vêtements pour plusieurs jours parce que tu transpire tellement la-bas avec la chaleur et l’humidité. :(

    Je suis de retour depuis un mois en France et très heureuse de pouvoir utiliser mes vêtements plusieurs jours d’affilés!

  • I loosely keep track in my mind what I’ve worn recently around the same group of people. Also depends on how often I see them (the less I see them the more I like to vary). I don’t usually wear the exact same outfit two days in a row, but that’s more about feeling like a different outfit/style/comfort on a different day (except when I’m supertired and just throw on what I was wearing yesterday if it passes the sniff test).

  • Alooooors ? ce rendez-vous ??? ;)

  • Perso j’ai un peu de mal mais quand je fais une obsession sur une pièce en particulier c’est dur de m’en empêcher! Alors j’essaie de changer au moins un truc dans la tenue histoire de moi-même y voir un petit changement…et aussi tout dépend de ce que j’ai fait la veille avec cette tenue, si j’ai couru toute la journée, transpirée etc, hors de question!! ;)

  • Some days I really like what I’m wearing, but by the end of the day no one “important” saw me wearing it, I feel a bit of shame for the look, so why not giving my clothes a second try??

    (I also consider if i’ll be around the same people or not…)

  • My thoughts exactly, when wearing the outfit for the second time :))

  • funny because I would have expressed it the same way, ‘important’ people ;)

  • eggleston January, 24 2014, 2:49

    My sentiments exactly. I repeat when I feel sorry for the look that someone should have seen but didn’t…and when I read your comment I felt a bit ridiculous :)

  • Je peux porter deux jours de suite la même tenue, mais seulement si je ne revois pas les mêmes personnes, sinon, non!


  • I definitely rewear outfits on consecutive days. When something feels and looks great, sometimes it’s just necessary. That said, I do a bit of complicated math about who I will be seeing, whether they are likely to notice, and sometimes change one tiny bit of it just in case.

    I wholly endorse this tactic. Your attempt to schedule wears of an outfit with six weeks in between, however, is precious. Post high school, I can’t imagine having the mental space to do such a calculation!


  • Si j’ai eu chaud, si je suis allée à une soirée (=infestée de fumée) : non, hors de question.
    Si je vois des amis : oui (les amis, ça ne juge pas).
    Si je suis en stage : moyen (tout dépend de l’ambiance, des autres, etc).
    Si je passe la journée seule ou avec des personnes que je n’ai pas vu la veille : aucun scrupule.

    Ce qui peut se remettre plusieurs jours : pull, jean, robe, jupe. Le reste je change tous les jours (en même temps qui garde ses sous vêtements plusieurs jours de suite !??!!!!)

  • Well it depends, it it’s something really notaceable, kinda “statement”, I prefer not to wear it always, but I often wear basic pieces more than once in a week, like jeans or jackets :)
    Have a nice evening!


  • Alexandra January, 22 2014, 1:20 / Reply

    I’m guilty of hoarding multiples of my favorite pieces, so I would totally do this. (And even if I didn’t hoard, I would, too.) The idea of style so clearly defined that it’s almost a uniform is really appealing to me for some reason.

  • Je comprends parfaitement, je n’arriverais pas à mettre deux jours de suite la même tenue, il faudrait au moins qu’il y ai un petit truc qui change car sinon je ne me sentirai pas du tout à l’aise. C’est bien de varier je trouve, comme ça on se lasse pas de nous-même.

  • Haha, I used to do that too. And it sucked so bad because when you find the perfect combination, you want to use it all the time !!!! Now I dont care anymore. I do wear two or three perfect combinations on rotations and I change the top. My boyfriend told me that I was always wearing the same things though, so maybe I should find something else soon :)

  • when i was a kid i lived with my gparents and we had to lug our laundry blocks to the laundromat every week. to make it worthwhile my gma would make me wear the same outfit two days in a row, to ensure maximum dirtiness. it was one of the two fashion things she made me do that i was so appalled by (the other being having to wear long johns under my too short pants, i was a fast grower. shudder) i used to get asked why i was wearing the same outfit again and i remember being so embarrassed by it. so when i got older and did my own laundry i kept track of my outfits, it would be 2 weeks before i allowed myself to wear the same thing again. then in college i didn’t care. for exam weeks i used to wear the same outfit everyday. nowadays, depending on the look and the cleanliness of the item i would wear the same thing again. the end.

  • Oui! I call it an ‘encore performance!’

  • hahahha I repeat sometimes! but now with the same people… unless its my family.
    I wear something at night to go to dinner or something short and then the next morning I wear it all day, hahaha. it happens

  • When I was younger I always wore an outfit 2 days in a row but after I worked at an office where no one ever did this I changed my habits (OMG, what if het think I’m weird or don;t wash my clothes!). I stopped at that office a few years back but still don’t wear the same clothes two days in a row. I do wear the items individually a day later but not all together a day after. xx


  • Not only *would* I wear the same thing for multiple days, but I *do* repeat outfits on a semi-regular basis. I work from home and on the days that I do leave the house, I usually am only wearing my clothes for a few hours. If I’m not at a smoky bar or getting really sweaty, then I figure, “why launder?”. So I will repeat until the clothes need to be washed. And most of my clothing is not so super memorable that people would notice. :)

  • I thought I was the only one who used to write down their daily outfits! Like you, it was only in high school and it was to make sure there were at least 3 weeks in between the same outfit. I have totally worn the same outfit 2 days in a row. I justify it by telling myself the same people aren’t going to see me in the outfit :)

  • Dominique January, 22 2014, 2:19 / Reply

    when i like the outfit, i would wear it twice in a row!

    new post up!

  • Moi je remarque toujours les outfits des autres filles à l’université, même des enseignantes alors du coup je fais attention à ne pas remettre le même ensemble de façon trop rapprochée, du moins en présence des mêmes personnes!
    Bisous de Montréal

  • Moi je suis tout pareil que Mat :)

  • alors deux jours de suite exactement exactement la même tenue c’est quasi impossible sauf grosse flemme. Deux habits identiques deux jours de suite c’est rare mais ça peut arriver (bon là j’ai le même pull sur deux articles de suite sur mon blog mais c’est parce que j’ai pas posté hier ahah) . Mais si j’adore une tenue et que j’ai un truc spécial le lendemain oui pourquoi pas (si j’ai pas vu le/la/lesdites personnes le jour d’avant). Donc tu n’es pas la seule à être givrée!!

  • I’m in college now and I track out my outfits in a journal before the week starts, but honestly the day to day uniform in universities is uggs, sweatpants, and yoga pants. I get enough kudos for resisting that so i’m in no worry of repeating just not the exact same thing twice in a row. But who’s looking anyway?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever worn the same outfit two days in a row but I am definitely an outfit repeater and have no issue with that!


  • Jamais la même tenue 2 jours de suite, ça me gêne surtout devant les mêmes personnes (sauf quand c’est le dimanche que je reste chez moi, ça m’est arrivé de remettre la même tenue le lundi au bureau).

  • Cristina M. January, 22 2014, 3:03 / Reply

    Jamais deux jours de suite.
    Tout mon enfance et ado j’ai porté d’uniforme…et ca pendant 13 ans.

  • I’m all about the outfit repeat! I’m going to school abroad right now so I was only able to bring a really tiny section of my closet with me, so now I have to wear the same outfits all the time and I love it! I only have clothes that I really love, so my outfits are always ones that I really love.

  • Sinivali January, 22 2014, 3:18 / Reply

    Jamais deux jours d’affilée en semaine, non. Parfois je porte quasiment la même tenue le lundi et le mercredi, puis une autre le mardi et le vendredi, et une troisième le jeudi. Mais mêmes les jours bis il ya aura un détail qui change , une couleur de collants, ou les chaussures, ou le manteau….

    Le Week end, si je reste à la maison, ça arrive, en revanche, tenue relax identique sur deux jours.

  • moustachic January, 22 2014, 3:20 / Reply

    yep never twice in a row the same day after but if i particularly liked the combo i would wear it again!


  • Margaret January, 22 2014, 3:30 / Reply

    I repeated an outfit just a few days ago. I went to the library and was tired and I wore a sporty backpack. it was totally unfashionable and it was the first time I did it since middle school.

    Btw, when I was about 11, I had a phase where I made sure I was wearing something pink every day to school, even if just socks. It was somehow important.

  • Catherine January, 22 2014, 3:53 / Reply

    When I was pregnant (at a VERY late age, therefore little chance of wearing the maternity wear a second time), I bought five white shirts and five black pants and purposely wore the same outfit (though not the same clothes) every day to work. I knew that if I had, say, 10 outfits, people would soon figure out (because 10 outfits are repeated very soon and one would notice way before 9 months were up) that, oh, it must be Tuesday because she’s wearing the green top, or whatever. So I decided to adopt a uniform and make it a nonstarter.
    Rather funny, I still wear the shirts. I took them in, and they are great. They were high-end maternity wear, with some stretch, so with some strategic darts, they are super comfortable and have remained among my favorite shirts nearly a decade later.

  • Desfois je mets aussi la même tenue mais quand je sais que je ne vais pas au même endroit que la vieille ce qui arrive 100% du temps. Je crois sincèrement cela ne dérangement pas en autant que c’est propre, let’s go!!

  • all the time….i have a uniform….bright lip and great bag….that’s what i concentrate on…..think steve jobs….that’s me…!!!!! xoxoxo

  • Funny post and comments ;) Glad to feel I’m not the only one to worry about this (though I recently changed this “one day one outifit” policy because of too much work, and not enough time to really think about it ! Still, i’ve already planned what i’ll be wearing on friday and was wondering (even before reading the article) if I would wear it tomorrow too cause that’d be two days in a row ! Anyway in general I got more relaxed with this… and feel way better to allow this to myself :)

  • I never wear the same outfit two days in a row. Confession: I usually wear the same seven outfits everyday week after week. And another confession (I’m on a roll), I only create new outfits for my blog… but at least I’m not wearing the same seven outfits for the next two weeks. =P

  • I am the queen of wearing the same outfit two days in a row–as long as it’s with different groups of people.

  • I don’t repeat the combination for the entire season but change the accessory like a watch or scarf or earring if I’m repeating. Once a month in summer.

    I kind of feel I’m not being creative enough if I repeat. Also, I like the idea of wearing something “new” all the time.

  • I see a different group of people every night for four days in a row, so I come up with a great outfit, hair and makeup and wear it for all four days. Then the next Monday I come up with another outfit for the four days.

  • Louise L January, 22 2014, 6:42 / Reply

    Perso je suis encore plus bizarre que toi!!

    Je vais faire une confidence que je ne fais qu’à mes vrais amis…
    Je ne me lave que tous les deux jours. C’est comme ca, au bout d’une journée je ne me sens pas sale et ma peau est beaucoup moins belle quand je me lave tous les jours…
    Je sais que je dois être une des 20 lectrices de ce blog à etre dans ce cas mais c’est comme ca!

    Et dans mon quotidien, souvent les jeunes de mon âge (une 20aine d’années) se lavent et se changent chaque jour mais ce n’est pas le cas pour les trentenaires et autres! A mon avis c’est une question d’habitude…
    Mais je ne doute pas que les américains diront que c’est dégueulasse!
    Faut relativiser quand même..

  • Clemence January, 23 2014, 4:10

    Je suis d’accord avec toi, tout du moins en hiver quand je ne transpire pas (si été ou sport hors de question). Il faut arreter avec ces habitudes hyper maniaques de se laver les cheveux tous les jours, le corps 2 fois par jour, etc … Ce n’est pas bon pour notre corps.
    Je le fais, et je pense sincerement que personne n’a jamais rien remarqué, tant que jai les cheveux propres, du déo et l’haleine fraiche (certains appellent ca la douche à la francaise non ?)

  • I really do love this blog and I visit it every day. The blog keeps me informed about fashion and the ‘modern world’, as I live in a small town in Belgium. However, reading some articals makes me feel so alienated from the ‘fashion world’. As a 21-year old student wearing the same outfit twice is the least of my problems. If being fashionable means being self concious all the time, then I don’t consider myself as being one.


  • My thoughts exactly, Nadia. Being in school makes it super difficult not to repeat the same thing twice, especially during exams! The conclusion I have (possibly wrongfully) come to is that if someone appears to have channeled plenty of effort into their appearance during this stage of adulthood, they are spending so much valuable time dedicated to that cause for a reason. Usually, I find these people to be so concerned of other’s thoughts and would just love to see them blossom and stop worrying about other people. I mean, at the end of the day- unless you’re meeting your idol or impressing your boss, who really cares if you wear the same thing twice anyway?

  • I used to refuse to wear the same outfit to the same club when I was younger lol the good old days when bills didn’t exist!

  • I’m definitely a repeater.. when I love an outfit my willingness is to use it as much as I can.. everytime that i’m going to a place with ‘important’ ( :) ) people i think about using the beloved outfit, with which I would feel way more secure and confortable..

    At the same time, I take care about not repeating it in a so-short space of time, specially because I don’t want to give the idea that I don’t have imagination or a real sense of style, or just that I don’t have other nice clothes, otherwise such outfit would lose it charm, wouldn’t it?

    But yes, I’m definitely a repeater.. a careful repeater, but still a repeater.. ;)

  • Stephanie January, 22 2014, 9:40 / Reply

    Alex, girl. I do this all of the time!!! My coworkers will tell me they like my outfit and I’ll wear it to see my boyfriend the next day and nobody knows, especially not him! These are the kind of secrets you share with your best girlfriends.

  • Diana K.R. January, 22 2014, 10:37 / Reply

    In a 5 day work week, I have two outfits that I wear on alternate days. Which means I wear one of the outfits three times a week. If I feel like it, I wear something new on Friday. I made this decision a year ago, it just got rid of unnecessary daily angst and really streamlined my wardrobe. It’s liberating.

  • oh my g, i never repeat. I was like you, and I used to draw little illustrations of myself every day, just so I wouldn’t repeat for two weeks. These days, I don’t even like if I wear the same jeans in a row, or same shoes. Mostly, it fuels my creativity…. sometimes, it can make me panicky, if I’ve slept in, etc.

  • I studied in a private school school, we have a uniform so I never had that kind of delima when I was in high school. We do accessorize it too to have a personal touch but not as drastic and glamorized like those Constance student in Gossip Girl. But I do experienced that kind of thing in college and when I had a fashion internship so my technique was I do the same kind of outfit all over again but with another group of people :)) And personally, I don’t really care and nobody cares. I paid for those clothes, I like it and I’ll wear it as many times as I want, any way I want it ^^,


  • I used to track- now I don’t at all, but I don’t see the same people everyday! I think it’s fun to try to wear my clothes as many different ways as possible, but if something works, I will definitely repeat as often as necessary!

  • Cecilija January, 23 2014, 3:29 / Reply

    Even if I don’t do it, I am not against it. I think iit sends the message that you have spent a night somewhere exciting, other then your home. I know I always assume that when I notice someone repeating yesterday’s outfit.

  • HAHA. I know what you mean. I also worry abut what people will think if I wear the same outfit two times in a row. I mean, c’mon, I’ve got a reputation to look after. :)

    I often do it though when one day I’m just at the coffee shop studying or writing some articles and the next day I have to go somewhere… heck, different people will see it! :P

  • Pour moi le problème c’est surtout que j’ai tellement d’affaires que j’aime bien que si je commence à les porter deux jours de suite, il n’y aura plus assez de turn over dans mon dressing pour profiter de tout !

  • I always changed my outfits EVERYday when I was living in the states. But now I live in Italy and work in a nice boutique and my very chic boss would wear the same outfit for sometimes 3 – 4 days in a row. At first I thought it was strange but if you have a GOOD outfit I think it deserves to be worn more than just for one day and it is actually makes the outfit more chic in my mind(like lasting)… wear a great outfit 2-3 days then retire it and change the pieces up.

  • Charlotte January, 23 2014, 4:29 / Reply

    I certainly do! I am pro small closets, few clothes and a ‘uniform’ that you wear daily with slight variations. I’m still in college so I can’t spend endless amounts on fashion. But high quality lasts longer, so I buy few, more expensive pieces.

  • Elizabeth January, 23 2014, 5:25 / Reply

    And so….more about the date?!

  • Moi ça m’arrive! Mais je change souvent le haut quand même, c’est rare de pouvoir remettre le même deux jours de suite… Par contre mes jeans je peux les mettre 3 fois d’affilée sans problème. En fait j’ai surtout remarqué que je ne me souvenais pas de la tenue des autres, sauf si elle était vraiment spéciale (je retiens mieux une robe qu’un jean-t-shirt). Du coup je me dis que personne ne remarquera que je met le même jeans :p

  • tripstreasures January, 23 2014, 6:35 / Reply

    Interesting question… I always try not to, but I don’t really know why


  • Jamais ! (sauf en vacances ;) )

  • Si bien sûr je ne me suis pas tachée ou n’ai pas sué comme un veau dans mes fringues (oui ça arrive parfois quand on court pour attraper le métro et être à l’heure et qu’on se retrouve dans une rame bondée…), j’avoue, je remets sans problème la même tenue le lendemain. Parfois la ruse consiste ne pas remettre la tenue le lendemain et à laisser passer une journée pour remettre la même tenue le troisième jour. Pire, parfois même quand j’ai une flemingite aiguë (c’est-à-dire pas d’inspiration) je fais un roulement entre deux tenues pendant 4 jours… Mais je n’ai jamais dépassé 4 jours, après je me lasse et j’ai envie de neuf.

  • So long as you change your underwear I think it’s fine to recycle your outfit for multiple days!

    Actually, this conversation makes me consider the amount of unnecessary washing of clothes people must be doing – all those countless liters of water, all the electricity to power all those washers, all those detergents being washed into the water supply. Personally, I only wash my clothes when they start to smell a bit used (underwear excluded of course!) – and I would urge people to think about how much clothes washing they need to do, rather than just toss things in the laundry basket because they’ve been out of the house for a few hours.

  • J’adore porter les mêmes habits à nouveau deux ou trois jours d’affilé. J’ai des périodes durant lesquelles j’ai du mal à changer d’habits pour la raison que je les porte comme je porterai un uniforme préféré, une sorte de syndrome à la Tintin.
    Je possède plusieurs fois les habits que je porte le plus : 2 ou 3 paires de collants Wolford, 2 shorts presqu’identiques, 1 jupe, 1 pantalon… Cela implique de peu changer de chaussures également, mais ça permet d’investir dans ses propres basiques et de prendre mieux soin de sa garde robe. On réfléchit ainsi plus à ses achats, on sélectionne la qualité plutôt que la quantité, etc…
    L’été est la saison que je préfère, je n’hésite pas à laver doucement au savon mes tops à la fin de la journée et à les laisser sécher sur le balcon ou dans le jardin pour pouvoir les reporter aussitôt le lendemain.
    Signé TintinGirl

  • Mathilde January, 23 2014, 8:50 / Reply

    Je remet très souvent la même tenue 2 voire 3 jours de suite (si elle n’est pas sale bien entendu): je ne vois pas où est le problème si je me sens bien dedans et les gens ne me cracheront pas dessus pour autant, si tant est qu’ils le remarquent :) bonne journée,

  • oh my god! thank you Alex for writing this. This is what I do since college, I don’t write anything tho, but I do keep tracking my outfit in my head and I will not wear the same outfit two weeks in a row, but even if I have to, I will add little something that make it “different”. Sometimes if I forget about days or events but I have to remind myself I just refer to something that I wore that day, suddenly I remember again!

  • OMG, I did the same thing in high school! My little sister who is sevens years younger also tracked her outfits. glad to know i’m not the only crazy out there. ;o)

  • i wear repeat outfits ,all the time ,and if i stumble upon a happening look i will flog it to death,all depending on the weather,and whats clean

  • Confession Cam: I totally do repeat. The key, since I’m in college, is to makes sure not to run into the same people or wear the same outfit to the same class. The key, people, is everything.
    Unless, one most days, we just don’t give a crap.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • yes yes yes………

  • if i love something and it fits great i buy more then one and that includes shoes!!!

  • I repeat outfits all the time, several days in a row. Usually what I wear to work on Friday is worn through Sunday night when it really does need a good washing. I spend a ton of $$ on really beautiful clothes and it brings me joy to wear them., day after day…..

  • oui sa m’arrive mes pas plus de 2jours

  • Hmm, that’s interesting. Alex, you are sensitive to this because of hygenic or simply the estethic side of it? I remember my best friend, who had to move with her parents to the States (we’re European) for a while. And when I asked her how did she survive her first week in the new high school, she said (in tears) that she was oficially ostracized by other kids, beacuse she wore the same jeans two days in a row… Apparently the raction was ‘Eeeewww, she’s wearing YESTERDAY’S pants! I bet she didn’t take a shower as well..’ (FYI – her jeans were perfectly clean). I guess over here nobody gives a damn about wardrobe tracking..

  • I used to make sure I wore something different each day. Changing heel height so my arches weren’t over stretched and had I put so much fun and forethought into outfits.
    Then, I became a mother and the horror of becoming everything I swore I never would! I go regularly to nursery to drop off my son with NO MAKE UP ON in a uniform of Breton and jeans. Oh how the creative have fallen . I’m telling you, I would fall asleep thinking up outfits I might wear one day to reassure myself my clothes and my identity as a woman not just a mother would one day return to me. 3 years in and I managed my first nightclub leopard print wrap dress outing this weekend. I had fun but it felt weird. Strangely enough I just don’t give a toss anymore. Narcissm is tiring. I like my mothers uniform. It’s a relief . But I’d be lying if I also didnt of having a little glamour in life too :) you should do a peice on how motherhood changes your style. Silk shirts are a nono!

  • Mais ouiii je porte mes vêtements deux voir trois jours de suite! J’ai besoin de “goûter” ma tenue une fois que je l’ai composée. J’ai mes basiques en double et ça m’aide bien!!

  • CHRISTINA January, 23 2014, 6:24 / Reply

    If I put an outfit together and I feel GREAT in it, YEP!!! I will repeat—the Next Day!!!

  • I usually wear the outfit I wore for one hour to church again on Monday. It’s already picked out and put together.

  • Shoes yes, but outfit no.

  • I wear my outfit 2 days in a row all the time. 1. I’m trying to own fewer but higher quality items that I really love and that will never go out of style. I like to change things up by wearing a different pair of shoes, scarf or jewelry. 2. I am trying to put less time and energy into clothing. I want to look stylish without being a slave to fashion or feeling as though my life must be dominated by impressing people.

  • Not often, but really I’m not that precious – if it works and you’re busy just go with it.

  • I got complimented on a filming trip on the suit I was wearing that day. It was the same suit I’d worn the last three days(baggage limits – one lounge suit, one dinner jacket); I just changed my tie, cufflinks, pocket square and buttonhole at least once a day.

    So I guess my answer is yes. Also, I’ll ignore wearing exactly the same clothes for five days solid on a very wet big wall climbing trip in Norway.

  • Oh my gosh, that’s so funny – I used to keep an outfit agenda in high school as well!
    Holister beach shirt and black cotton pencil skirt and aldo sandals – check.

    Now I really don’t care as much and also have my uniform almost figured out but I do find myself trying to switch it up sometimes just because I have so many cool one-off pieces that won’t get used unless I really make an effort to incorporate them into my outfits.

    Cheers (Hope the date went well)!

  • Have done that – more than once ;)

  • fika wijaya January, 24 2014, 3:23 / Reply

    You’re not crazy. I am a tracker too. Worse, I am a tracker of everyone else’s clothes -that makes me more anxious to have a repeating outfit two days in a row haha!

  • All the time. Not to work, but maybe on a Friday and then again on a Saturday. Or I’ll wear something to work, then the next day if I’m going out and nothing feels right, sometimes my eyes will wander to yesterday’s outfit and I just go for it. It’s all about confidence. If I feel really good about the way I look in something, I feel great in it even if it’s a repeat.

  • Each morning has a mood, that mood defines what I’m going to wear. I have to satisfy this ‘mood’, ‘cuz otherwise I will walk around all day and fidget and have a feeling that something is off. So, no, I don’t care if I wear the same outfit two days in a row.

  • Yep, I do this a lot. Sometimes I pull together an outfit I *really* love– and then I’ll wear it THREE days in a row– why fix it if it’s not broken, right?

  • Lucy Fisher January, 25 2014, 12:50 / Reply

    I do that all the time too! That’s why i rely a lot on my jewelry… lately i found this amazing and exotic website alueh.com… i really recommend it! they turn heads :)

  • Theprofessorworeblack January, 27 2014, 8:33 / Reply

    Every time you wear the same outfit, it really becomes your own. It becomes less about the outfit and completely about you.

  • En ce qui me concerne, je change TOUT chaque jour. Rien à voir avec les autres, c’est juste que j’ai énormément d’habits, ce serai dommage de ne pas en profiter :-)

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