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Moving Movies

There are a number of movies I’ve seen that have had really lasting impressions on me, for one reason or another. Can you relate? Some left their mark for the message they sent, while others were more about the act of watching them and where I was at in my life at the time. I just watched Synecdoche, New York for the first time and can already tell it’s going to have a lasting impression, though I’m still struggling to completely figure out exactly what that impression will be. I can’t yet articulate my thoughts on the movie, but it was definitely an experience. Similar to how I felt when I first saw Inception.

On a number of occasions, I was confused about how much time had passed, what was supposed to be fiction vs. reality and ultimately felt emotionally and intellectually drained by the end of the film, which also felt about four hours long (in a good way!), despite only being about half that. I find myself thinking about it walking down the street or on the subway (a very good thing!), and am not sure I’ll ever fully grasp all of the existentialist twists and turns, but it’s definitely a movie I’ll be watching again and again.

Have you ever had a movie affect you like this?


Add yours
  • I haven’t seen this one yet, but I must say that “Inception” rocked my world. Here was a movie that used everything about film-making to truly blur the lines between reality and imagination. It was one of the most unique and creative films I’ve seen.

  • I had the same feeling watching it a few years ago. And I often have the same feeling with Kaufman’s movie, and that’s one of the things I love about his work!

  • C’est le film préféré de mon copain, mais je n’ai toujours pas réussi à le voir en entier… il va falloir que je ressaye on dirait :)

  • Cloud Atlas. ’nuff said.

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