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Marrakshi LIfe

One thing you should know about me is that I like to pretend I’m on vacation, for a good chunk of my life. I like to spend money like I’m on vacation, eat and drink like I’m on vacation, but mostly dress like I’m on vacation. Pretty much all of the time.

When I find a brand that lets me really hone in on that look and still look relaxed and chic, I stick with it. Marrakshi Life is one of those brands. As you’ve probably already noticed, we recently held our first ever retreat in Marrakech a few weeks ago and in celebration, launched our Marrakech Shop! Marrakshi Life is one of the first brands we reached out to when we started thinking about collaborating on products for the retreat and our shop.

Based in Morocco, Marrakshi Life creates beautiful hand-loomed fabrics and clothing with a focus on promoting and preserving the rich heritage of traditional Moroccan artisanal weaving techniques. We were lucky enough to visit their atelier on our retreat and got to see them making our beautiful caftan in action. Each of their pieces are made to order and showcase the immense skill and patience that goes into all of their work. This is why you look fabulous and chic, no matter if you’re on vacation or not.

We spent a lot of time researching companies we wanted to work with as it was super important it was with people who truly cared about and valued the process and products they created. We were very fortunate to get to work with many talented and amazing people like those at Marrakshi Life.

Whether you’re heading on an exotic trip, to brunch with your pals, or even to do laundry down the block, be sure to check out Marrakshi Life for the chillest version of your best self.

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