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When my tech life feels organized, for some reason, I do too. And it’s weirding me out a little.

I suppose it’s a little like when you clean your desk or your completely overflowing, disaster of a closet. If the space around you is all neat and tidy, with everything in its place, your life seems more, I don’t know… In order? Under control?
Even when it’s totally not, but it’s cool because at least your apps are filed in those little app folders and you’ve organized AND replied to every one of your emails (might as well retire in triumph now, right?)

The other night, midst feeling like I had no time for real life and the emails in my inbox were spiraling out of control, I procrastinated got completely distracted and ended up downloading all of these new life-improving apps. Healthy Easy Recipes! DailyYoga! GiveGab! 

Then, suddenly, a calm. My life (phone?) is now in order, finally. And I can’t help but think, is this a way of lying to ourselves? Or even another step towards the virtual, from reality?

Anyone else feel the same?!
(Or am I just crazy?)


Add yours
  • Well, I think that it is proved that your home represents your life – if it’s messy then so is your life.
    Super tidy people tend to be control-freaks in other aspects of life, too. Not really cool. I prefer messy then. :)

    But organizing my stuff (virtual or real) does give me peace of mind.

  • Hi, in answer to your question, “am I going mad”, I think the answer is definitely YES. Join the club!

  • The answer is that we are becoming more like cyborgs. Technology extends human abilities in daily life. There is brain memory and virtual one, that we use everyday. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s electronic or physical data.

  • I agree with you, I want to sleep very early each day now

  • c’est déjà arrivé depuis une 10aine d’année, la vie connecté ne perturbe et nous éloigne de l’humanité…. à nus de voir comment on va gérer, via des appli, via des jours sans internet, ni telephone….
    xo xo from Paris

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