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Get Moving!

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Get Moving!

We’ve all heard it a million times before… Exercise is super important. We need it to stay fit, healthy, and balanced. According to the New York Times, however, there is one more reason to add to that list.

Studies now show that physical workouts are anti-aging for the brain, so a simple jog does far more than just burn calories! We all know how hard it is to wake up and get on the treadmill, especially now that the sun is coming up a little later, but with the new knowledge that it can keep our minds moving longer we may be just a little bit more motivated! What gets you motivated for a work out? Is it about weight, well being, or maybe something like this?


Add yours
  • I think well being is the biggest motivator for me.
    I’m lazy but I like to be in the open air – I like to walk a lot. And I love swimming!


  • i love swimming myself. and i think everybody would love to work out if we wouldn’t have so much work to do… :P


  • Annabel Powell March, 17 2016, 8:25 / Reply

    All of the above! When I joined Classpass I wanted to lose weight but now I just love the way I feel after a workout, regardless of the scale. Be it spin, circuit training, barre–nothing beats the feeling after a good workout! The fact that it’s good for my brain makes it even better.

  • I really need to work out more


  • #1 motivator is stress relief. I am a MUCH nicer person when I exercise regularly :)

  • Je fais de la course à pied depuis 2 ans et ça procure un Bien être indescriptible ! On ne pense à rien…c’est un peu de la méditation en fait ! Quand on a fini on est fier de soi et moi je cours dans la nature et je ne sais pas si ça fait la même chose aux autres, mais on se sent un peu le “Roi du Monde” !! Cool si ça a un effet anti-âge du cerveau ;)

  • Luckily I’ve never had problems with weight, but I love to exercise for other reasons. The main one is definitely my wellbeing, I also like to have that satisfaction that I did something extra for myself that goes beyond my daily duties. And the amazing feeling that a morning run gives you, when the streets are still empty and the world is waking up. I mainly jog in spring/summer though; when it’s cold I prefer to go some yoga with Tara Stiles via YouTube in my own bedroom :)


  • There is a secret stored inside exercise no one ever reveals. It’s called built-in motivation. Of course, to uncover the secret, you have to do some exercise. It doesn’t even have to be anything strenuous. A brisk 30 minute walk, or three, 10-minute bursts of physical activity practiced over two or three days, and you’ll begin to look forward to a daily exercise session.

    You don’t have to believe me. Just give it a try and I’ll guarantee you won’t have to gin up any motivation. It will already be there for you. At least this has been my experience.

  • I think working out is very helpful for the intellectual activity. I stopped doing sports when I started University and it was the biggest mistake ever. 2 years later I decided that my body had to move : light running session and step class. My first run was a fail, after 15 minutes I stopped. Now, 4-5 years later, I can easily run 10k.
    I decided that my studies and sport could work together and that it was only a matter of organization. And you know what ? I was much more productive when studying and needed less time to achieve what was planned. I don’t know how to explain but I was very focus on 1 thing and could easily spent 2-3 hours on it without a break. I can see it now also in my active life as a worker. When I work out (now I do yoga most of the time, some running sessions when the weather is good), I feel that I have much more motivation to wake up and energy during the day.
    Sport is the key, REALLY. And it doesn’t matter what you do as a sport, as long as you feel good afterwards.

  • Nice post ;)


  • Woah! didnt knew thats the part of the deal…


  • I have walked since I was 12. Briskly walking. Now I´m 47 and still do it- 7 days a week 1 to 1.30 hrs (plus a barre class 2 days a week) . People say I look not older than 30….do you think it´s the walking? Hope so, I love it. I just tried the CURVE machine in a hotel during a trip to London Fashion Week. Loved it, could trade it for the streets.

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