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Fates & Furies

We’ve been talking a lot at the studio about this idea that less is more and that we’re all trying to disconnect and simplify things a bit. So, as I mentioned, a big part of that for me has been reading much more than binge watching shows (still guilty of this), spending hours getting sucked into the black hole that is Instagram, and playing Two Dots

So while I was on vacation for the holidays I devoured Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. It’s the story of a marriage, told first from the perspective of the husband (Fates) and then from the perspective of the wife (Furies). It reminded me in some ways of my favorite TV show, The Affair, and it also happened to be President Obama’s favorite book of 2015. It’s funny and tragic and lovely and secretive and sensual—it touches all of the things that span a great relationship, and the complexities of the people who become a part of your world through a relationship—and I couldn’t put it down. 

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  • I love the book reviews

  • Thanks Emma! Plenty more to come! x

  • Thanks for the recommendation–I’m adding it to my list. Definitely intrigued if you and Pres. Obama got a lot out of it.

  • Thanks for the recommendation, Emily! I’ve reserved it at my local library. As someone 32 years into a long marriage, I know I’ll love it.

    We’re trying to do less binge-watching here, too, though I have been following the election news on TV. Not to give you more to watch, but “Call the Midwife” is excellent if you haven’t seen it. As for books, I recommend “The Narrow Road to the Deep North,” by Australian author Richard Flanagan (hi Neada!). It’s not an easy read, but this book is a masterpiece that deserves every award it has received. Much of it is painfully brutal to read, but there is a passage about love that tops anything I’ve ever read describing that emotion. A bit less intense but also good is “The Strays” by Emily Bitto, another Aussie. (I visited Oz this past fall and my host ,who was there on sabbatical, and a writer, was enjoying and sharing her books by the local talent.)

  • Thanks for the recommendations Judith! I have another book I’m planning a post about that was also really hard to read but one of the best books I’ve ever read. We’ll publish soon! x

  • Stephanie January, 28 2016, 7:34 / Reply

    This book is driving me crazy! I hated the first part, and everyone keeps saying the second half is better…hoping so….

  • Power through! I thought the second half was great–a bit more exciting than the first maybe. x

  • I literally just bought this book!! And now I’m more excited to read it!!

  • Ca me donne envie de me plonger dedans. :)

  • Thank you for the Fates and Furies review – I haven’t read it and now I will!

    Like Emma, I love the book reviews, too, and like Judith, I love Call the Midwife, too.

    Also, I just joined an online book group organized by Rachel Syme. We’re reading biographies of women, written by women. First book is The Silent Woman by Janet Malcolm, and reading officially begins February 1. The group is open to everyone – anyone can join by @-ing Rachel Syme. (She’s a stranger to me, but I’m so excited about the book group.)

    My favorite place to keep track of my reading is Goodreads. If the Studio had a group there, I’d join in a hot minute.

  • This is a really cool idea–thank you for sharing! Going to check it out! x

  • I also recommend Narrow Road to the Deep North. I read it a year ago and I still think about it. The writing is incredible and yes, the subject matter is disturbing but we need to keep remembering what our fathers went through and – hopefully not repeat history. Fat chance I know! Great to read more and watch less but it does take effort and I am not always successful.

  • Yes! I’ve been eyeing this book for a while now. I might just commit to checking out (instead of having it sit in my shopping cart) haha. Thanks Emily :)

  • I’ve just started to read this and it’s fabulous.

  • Glad you’re enjoying it! You’ll have to let me know what you think! x

  • I loooove your book reviews! And I agree, this novel is pretty awesome..!

    Amy, xoxo

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