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You don’t have to say goodbye just yet…

While doing some really important research on the Chanel beauty site the other day, I stumbled upon a category of products labeled “Discontinued Favorites” and my heart skipped a beat.

We’ve talked a lot about our favorite products disappearing from shelves and the pain that goes along with that loss but now you have one last chance to get your fix. if you’re shopping right now, I recommend the Black Pearl nail polish– it’s one of my favorites.

I was one of those people that waited in line during the first Fashion’s Night Out at Chanel to get a bottle of the cult Jade polish (100% worth it, but I only bought one bottle, which I 100% regret) so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll come across it again on this page.

Let me know if you see it, will ya?


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  • Thanks for share this!!!

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  • i love chanel lipsticks: every single one i have ever bought is out of production. but who cares? they have plenty of new cool shades! :)

  • I hate when stuff is discontinued!! my favorite perfume was discontinued and I’m so sad I didn’t stock up!!

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  • The problem with Chanel nail polish is that it chips so easily! I love the colors but it’s hard to justify spending nearly $30 on nail polish that only lasts a day or two before it chips!

  • Oh no! Black Pearl was really my favorite!!! Whyyyyy? Also to the commenter above, you have to use Essie Good to go or sth similar than it will last up to a week.

  • Anjala April, 8 2014, 3:49 / Reply

    What is the logic in discontinuing favorites? “Favorites” = selling well. If something is selling well, why discontinue it? This choice probably makes business sense, but not being a business person, I don’t quite see it. Explanation please.

  • my biggest heartbroken moment came when St. Ives discontiuned their best selling cucumber eye gel (it’s an epic giant tube that lasts forever! I used it as eye gel, hydrating mask, body lotion, after shave cooling, etc… probably it’s the magic item that save human race!)
    it’s so funny that they even put this info of “ya the cucumber eye gel is discontinued” in their Frequent Asked Questions section of official website! Guess that means people from all over the universe is asking the same question: where is the best cucumber eye gel?!

    so sad they never want to bring it back…

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