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Denim Dreamers

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Denim Dreamers

We love denim. Me, G, the whole studio. If I had to guess, you do to?

And while there are many a denim brand out there, there are a few new additions to the market that I think are worth checking out.

– After 10 years of cool canvas and cozy cashmeres, Nili Lotan has finally found her way into the world of denim! And not surprisingly, it’s as cool and comfortable as the rest of her collection.

– Debuting at The Line this past fall, Khaite is that perfectly structured classic jean I only thought existed on Vanessa Traina. In fact there is a style named for her! They also make beautiful knitwear and bodysuits – which of course creates a bit of effortlessness in your daily dressing.

– Shoutout to Elizabeth and James for the return of their moto inspired denim styles that make me reminiscence fondly of my youth. And also to our friends at Attico for somehow managing to create a perfect pair of denim to accompany their exquisite robes and dresses!



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  • Jeans is an all time favorite. So cool, easy going and sexy at the same time. I think it will never fade from being in trend. Almost every year we see it on the runways – and for a good reason I would say. Will definitely check out the new brands!

    Much love,

    Personal Style Blog FATIMAYARIE.COM

  • Yesss can’t get enough of denim, but it took me a while to get here. My problem was knowing how jeans should fit (and knowing where to shop for them). But now that I’ve got that figured out, it’s denim all day, e’ry day. <3

  • definitely denim. i’ve been a jeans and tee shirt girl since high school. still am, i never really kicked my grunge look, even though i am full aware that grunge is not so much a look as attitude. but still love my jeans, every time.
    it actually makes me roll me eyes to see people who try to make grunge a fashion statement.

  • Such a shame When i see that Some of the Brands featured here only propose 27 as their biggest size… (36ish for French readers).
    Tough world for girls with hips…

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