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Brightland x B.D. Graft / Lucid

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Brightland x B.D. Graft / Lucid

Several months ago, Emily introduced us to the loveliness that is Brightland! They’re the super cool, all-organic olive oil company made entirely in California. Since then, their two standard olive oil products, Awake and Alive, have become regular staples in our cooking routines.

But now, they’ve launched a new limited edition blend–Lucid–with a gorgeous custom label created by Amsterdam-based artist, B.D. Graft! Lucid is a 100% Lemon Olive Oil that offers a tangy, zesty kick to your combined ingredients, while still retaining Brightland’s signature smoothness. While perfect on it’s own as salad dressing, it’s also delish when added to the mix for sweeter fair, such as scones and pancakes!

The label alone, featuring bright colors and bold shapes, is pretty enough to liven up my kitchen counter and inspire me to get cooking! I connected with B.D. Graft to hear more about his inspiration for the label art and why he was so happy to work with Brightland!


What was your inspiration when designing the Lucid label?
Lucid is a fresh, smooth olive oil and I knew that for the label, my warm signature yellow would go great with Brightland’s pastel color palette. The artwork should feel vibrant, playful and multi-faceted – like a great summer dinner with friends.

Lucid is such a California project…with your base in Amsterdam, how did you tap into the California mindset and aesthetic?
I have fond childhood memories of a family vacation in California – though it’s been twenty years, I’ll never forget those barbecues! In addition, the feeling obtained from long summer nights surrounded by the people you love is truly universal… I tapped into that.

Why was working with Brightland such a natural partnership for you?
I love good food! I was thrilled when Aishwarya reached out to me, because most of my collaborations in the past have been with clothing brands; never food related. I quickly realized that Brightland is a genuine brand with an outstanding product; something I could fully stand behind. I try to create positive art that celebrates life, and Brightland seemed like a perfect fit.

You work mostly in variations of primary colors…what about that palette speaks to you so strongly?
I think it comes down to the fact that I’m a fan of simplicity. A meal doesn’t need too many ingredients to be good – just the right ones. For my art, it’s similar!

Why collage? What do you think it offers, as a medium, that feels more creative or generative to you?
In my opinion, the juxtaposition of different textures and materials makes art feel more organic, which is why collage (or mixed media) art speaks to me.

You can follow along with B.D. Graft on Instagram here and purchase your very own limited edition bottle of Lucid here!

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