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Blue Apron is Delicious But Won’t Help Your Love Life

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Blue Apron is Delicious But Won’t Help Your Love Life

It has become apparent that I talk more frequently about my recent plunge into cooking for myself via Blue Apron than I talk about potential suitors taking me out. And I couldn’t help but think the two were connected …

As in, the at-home food program yields not one, but two servings per meal. This provides me with a dinner AND a lunch very happily. However! It also leads me to believe that in my rush home to get started on cooking what claims will take 30-40 minutes and in fact takes me an hour, I also end up locking myself indoors for the remainder of the evening. Chained to the stovetop! I don’t reach out to anyone for dinner because I have plans with Blue Apron obviously !

That’s why as of February 1st, I may have to take a slight break from my weekly deliveries, despite their convenience, if only for the sake of my social life and yet to be realized love life….


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  • Lol, so true! I’ve been making Blue Apron for almost a year now, with occasional pauses. And my friends are wondering why i never want to grab dinner with them anymore. Blue Apron is too much fun! And saves quite a bit.

  • What a photo…
    Gina Lollobrigida was very beautiful!

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