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While on a recent trip home, I hit the beauty aisle at my local drugstore…

And of course, I left far from empty handed. I couldn’t resist tossing an old school favorite into my cart, a Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. Lip Smackers were the currency of my elementary school playground. If you’ve never tried it, it’s your everyday lip balm with the most perfect ever Dr. Pepper “essence” incorporated. I had many, many tubes back in the day (pink lemonade and mint chocolate chip being other favorites) and putting it on again totally brought me back. I don’t really miss my days on the playground, but I did enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Do you have any beauty prodcuts that bring on a little nostalgia?


Add yours
  • Clémence November, 6 2013, 5:42 / Reply

    Chaque parfum me rappelle un membre de ma famille, que ce soit de la réglisse, du oud, de l’amande amère… Ou alors les gloss parfumés qui me font toujours penser aux vieilleries Sephora qui empestaient le sucre, collaient, et étaient plein de paillettes !

    (hors-sujet, mais tout le monde est bilingue au studio ou quoi ? vous écrivez toutes les versions française et anglaise des billets, auquel cas je suis bouche bée par votre maitrise des expressions françaises ? ou vous faites appel à un-e excellent-e traducteur-trice, qui mériterait de la publicité !)

  • Clemence November, 7 2013, 4:53

    Moi aussi je suis etonnée, je me suis meme demandé comment vous alliez traduire “madeleine” en anglais. Garance doit surement relire les post pour la traduction. Ou alors on a affaire à un génie de la langue française…

  • aaa! i saw them in japan, a whole set of them with all the flavours! i had no idea they were classics! :)

  • Yes, CK One, a fragrance I used to wear when I was a teenager. Smell of that brings me back to those years. I actually still love it as a scent, but can’t wear it anymore, because it makes me feel 14 again (which I’m happy to not be anymore :))

  • Rachel H November, 6 2013, 5:56 / Reply

    My mother gave me Ptisenbon by Tartine et Chocolat as a small girl! I love that fragrance… It completely reminds me of my childhood!

  • The Watermelon Lipsmackers and Jane Cosmetics always bring on a surge on nostalgia! I used to love them in my pre-teens!

  • Moi c’est la nivea bleu en version originelle ! celle de mon arrière grand mère, de ma grand mère et de moi même par nostalgie !

  • Herbal Essences shampoo!!

  • I love the smell of nivea cream, the really thick one. It smells like my mum (who still has fantastic skin at 87 years young). I have started using it too (once I hit 50 OMG) combined with rose hip oil as my serum; and my skin has never looked better. I get complemented on my skin too. It is not just genetics; because the compliments have only come in the past few years (I must have looked like a crushed paper bag before that!)

  • Ke'alapono November, 6 2013, 7:18 / Reply

    Love’s Baby Soft perfume and Bonne Bell lipgloss

  • Perhaps it just reminds me of my childhood, but I can never let go of the smell of LipSmackers. I will always stick by them and smell it all day!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Margaret November, 6 2013, 9:12 / Reply

    Hahaha! I actually carry a Dr. Peppers lipsmackers on me pretty much all day long. For me, it adds just the right hint of natural color.

  • Ah! I literally wore Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker from middle school through college and I won’t hear a word of reproach! It was the perfect bitten/barely more than natural color and it tasted and smelled like my favorite soda. It even became kind of calling card for me. Were there random tubes of it lying around? Then I definitely had been there.

  • For sure the Gap scents… Dream and Heaven.

    Also I wish the body shop still made those perfume oils in tiny glass jars… I loved the strawberry one!

  • actually they do still make a few scents, but i think strawberry is not one of them.

  • I’m a make-up addict but I honestly can’t think of anything that I use now that I used in high school. I do remember not being allowed to wear make-up, until my 12th (or maybe 13th?) birthday, when my Dad took me to the drug store and let me pick some out for my birthday. It is one of the precious memories I have of my Dad, who passed away in Sept. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or tell him all of the times that I treasured because he was unconscious, but I hope he knows.
    You asked for simple cosmetic memories and I went and got all sappy. :-)

  • En tout cas, le tube est tout mignon !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • OUIIII la madeleine beauté ! Pour moi ce sont les savons aux packaging old school de chez Rogé Cavaillés dans la salle de bain de ma grand-mère en Normandie. Ces petites fleurs délicates… ca pourrait presque revenir à ma mode dis donc et ça me rappelle maintenant certains packaging de chez Santa Maria Novella à Florence ou je vis.
    Baci le studio

  • Nivea strawberry lip balm :)

  • I have never tried it. But I absolutely love that kind of flavors


  • Le gros tube vert de Dermophil indien ! Appliqué consciencieusement par ma maman sur lèvres et joues, coutume que je perpétue l’hiver sur mes enfants.

  • Oh yes I remember these. I used to love anything by lip smackers when I was young. My friend and I always used to trade new stuff we bought from them lol.

  • Ha, I didnt see it before. xa

  • Funny, growing up in one of the communistic countries I have no childhood memories of any fantastic cosmetic stuff – they were all just like the reality around us – grey. Yet, when in secondary school, my Mother bought a lovely Yves Rocher perfumes for me. Shops like YR just started to appear and the permumes were so expensive at that time. This fresh, fruity -flowery scent is still in my mind – they do not produce them any more. I felt like plus 1000 points to elegance and sophistication… :-)

  • chanel #5 i love love love….i spray…young girl shopping

  • the GIANT bubble gum lipsmackers – I went to school in MN too!

  • Root beer LipSmackers, Calgon body mist in Hawaiian Ginger and Swiss Army cologne would all send me in a time warp back to high school.

  • Cuir de Russie de Chanel et la crème Nivea dans sa boite bleue, tous deux evoquent mon enfance.

  • Anais Anais de Cacharel and Oilily Soaps!

  • Curly too November, 7 2013, 1:17

    Recently bought these soaps as gifts for my dear old friends that I’ve known since I was a teen.
    Smelling them brought on lots of smiles :-)

  • I use to have a nutcracker little balm, and the cap (dont know how to say -tapon-) was the hat, it smelt like chocolate a very strong smell and my mother hated it , but i still used every day , it was lovely and autum/ winter makes me remember it, I miss it.

  • My mom used to use an Erno Laszlo foundation, which you needed to shake before using. When it was sitting on the shelf it was separated by oil and pigment. Whenever I see that logo it brings me back to going through my moms beauty products as a kid.

  • LouLou de Cacharel, mon premier parfum de ‘femme’!!!

  • Omg thank you for posting!! :) This just brought a smile to my face remembering back… I used to love getting the Lip Smacker sets and Dr. Pepper was definitely a favorite!! #tbt

  • Hahahahahaha Oh my goodness Alex! If there was ANYTHING that showed the status of your popularity at my Elementary School it was how man Pokemon you had and how many LipSmackers you had dangling from your backpack. They started making them with holes in the cap so you could thread a key chain through them, putting them on display for everyone to see. Then, when they became too cool, rumors started to spread that they actually dried out your lips and were bad for you.

  • Love’s Baby Soft!!

  • Katherine November, 8 2013, 9:29

    Oh lord .. It’s so easy to tell which of us are Garance’s age and which of us are Alex’s age, isn’t it? :o)

    Love’s Baby Soft, Jean Nate, and those roll-on lip glosses (Bonne Bell, I think?)

    AND those Clinique lipsticks that my mom always let me have from her ‘free gift with purchase’. They had the cheap green plastic case instead of the cool metal case and were never the best color. Of course, when you’re 11, the very idea of ‘department store make-up’ is sufficiently glamorous to outweigh other considerations.

  • Nic Miller November, 7 2013, 4:22 / Reply

    Eau Jeune Senteurs Fraiche from Monoprix- the scent in the little green glass bottle was and is still my youthful favourite.

    Also, Udder Balm from Walgreens; Good old Carmex lip balm; Ponds Cold cream in the glass jar-pure 1950’s apothecary chic; Klorane cornflower eye make up remover in the midnight blue bottle and Roberts rose water toner in a similar shade of midnight; Styptic pencils to outsmart teenage legshave accidents; GEO Trumpers extrait of West Indian Limes; Vichy facial wash off gelee with its rose petal pink glow.

  • Nic Miller November, 7 2013, 4:24 / Reply

    And how could I forget good old Jovan Musk Oil and Bonnie Bell make up remover. Shades of Proust when I smell them.

  • Noxema skin cream I started using since about 4th grade, always a skin nut, (now an Esthetician), and know Noxema really has nothing good in it to cleanse your face with, but I still love the smell. Yes, and also Love’s Baby Soft spray, (in high school). Anyone remember Love’s Musky Jasmine? Haven’t seen this for years.

    Garance, and other French girls, what things did you use and recall since your youth?

  • Celine Mallari November, 8 2013, 7:56 / Reply

    The original cherry flavored Chapstick (with the white black and cherry pink packaging?) is the most nostalgic product for me, with out a doubt. Whenever I smell it and put it on, all i can think about is my grandmother buying these for me, and us drawing together in her livingroom. Definitely a sentimental product that I’ll always love!


  • Hah, Gap’s Dream and Heaven for sure! That baby powdery citrusy scent was the scent of my teenage years. CK one was definitely one of the coolest gifts I received in middle school! I rationed that one bottle for more than a year. And my other prized possessions was MAC lipstick in a light brown–Mocha, Spice, Freckle?? I can’t remember. Definitely liked to line my lips with a dark brown eyeliner or lipliner and fill the lips in with a frosty nude color. Eeegh!

  • J’adore son nom, l’odeur est incroyable

  • YES! Bonnie Bell Ten-O-Six Lotion! I NEVER got ANY zits, because I always used this, started at age 12! Also, GD friends, PLEASE vote for my AMAZING Mother- Maria D’Angelo- to win the L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth Award fro her charitable works with the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, which she started, on her own, 20 years ago! You can vote DAILY with JUST YOUR EMAIL here: until Nov 20th- please pass it on! Thank you so much…:)

  • Oh, I definitely had a Dr. Pepper lip smacker with me at all times! And, I remember the original Lauren perfume by Ralph Lauren… such wonderful teenage memories to that fragrance.

    Thank you also for the walk down Clinique memory lane. I loved to swipe my mother’s Clinique gift lipsticks.

  • OMG! I have the same lipstick and occasionally I wear it because I love the taste haha ;)

  • I love this German handcream which is called Camilla. My grandmother used it all the time, because the had the prettiest garden and loved working there and getting her hands dirty. And everytime she came into the house after a long day outside in her most favorite place in the world, she would wash her hands and put this lotion on. My grandmother passed away many years ago, but when I smell this camomile scented handcream or a similar smell, it always reminds me of her.
    She was one of the most important influences when I grew up!

  • crunchycon November, 11 2013, 11:49 / Reply

    I fondly remember the Maybelline All Eyes Kit that was the first real makeup I bought with my babysitting money. And my collection of Cutex nail polishes that never looked right on my bitten nails (thankfully, I outgrew that habit). But the item I mourn the most is Pond’s Lemon Cold Cream in the glass jar.

  • Lip balms and lip balms are classic causes of makeup nostalgia.
    When you’re at a young age, you’re usually not allowed from a lot of types of makeup. Usually, it’s just the basics like baby powder or some cologne.

    My high school days are full of memories of lip balms, especially Nivea and Born Lippy by The Body Shop.

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