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Sleep is my number one priority in life.

I’m not kidding – more than love, more than glory. Because without sleep, nothing else works. Without sleep, you lose your health. And what good is love or glory without your health?

Lots of things contribute to good sleep. You need it to be quiet, cool, and dark enough. And you need a good foundation. You know, a mattress.

Some years ago, after years of lugging around my (super heavy) camera on my back, I could hardly do anything anymore. My back pain was so bad that it scared me. Was I going to live my whole life like that, not being able to walk long distances, keeling over in pain multiple times a day? I saw multiple specialists, and after doing a lot of research, I found a really simple solution.
I stopped yoga, replacing it with Pilates, stopped carrying anything heavy (bye bye camera!) and, also, changed my mattress.

I bought a memory foam mattress, for a hefty price, and honestly, it changed my life.

In a few weeks, my back pain was gone. The support was just right and I could finally sleep on my back without suffering.

I haven’t had back pain since, and I understand now how much little details can change your life.


Except that, a few years later, I started hearing about the chemical products all around us…did you know that the chemical gasses released by some mattresses can take years to dissipate? That mattresses seriously pollute the environment? I promised myself that my next mattress would be different.

So here we are! My new room is done, and I chose Avocado Green Mattresses, an eco-friendly and nontoxic mattress that is absurdly comfortable, attractive, and soft. I love it!

Good night!

Avocado Mattress

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