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Atelier Doré Is…Emily Note!

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Atelier Doré Is…Emily Note!

We’re going to spend some time over the next several weeks introducing the Atelier Team in a series of minis. Starting with Emily! Who most of you already know, but maybe not like this…

Emily Note, Chief Operating Officer

Do you have a nickname?
Josh calls me Bean!

What’s your sign?
Leo, obviously.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Ambitious. Chatty. Loyal.

Describe what you do at Atelier Doré in one sentence.
A little bit of everything! Except take pictures. I keep the studio running—I manage the team, work on overall strategy for the growth of the company in all facets, and try to keep things moving with our overall vision in mind.

Ideal weekend includes…
Any weekend in Cape Cod with my future husband, my dog Fitz, fish tacos and the beach sounds pretty perfect to me.

Favorite cocktail?
I don’t drink anymore! So I would say a glass of Polar Orange Dry with lots of ice is my guilty pleasure.

Do you have a secret talent?
It’s not really a secret but I’m kind of a living juke box of 90s music—I can sing along to almost any song.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
That’s probably NSFW…

Describe your style in 3 words:
Simple, classic, neutral.

Favorite place you’ve ever been?
Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Advice to your teenage self?
Keep at it girl. Everyone might think you’re overly ambitious but you’re on the right track, never lose sight of your dreams, they will happen if you work hard enough.

One thing you can’t live without?
Books! I’m a very avid reader and fiction is my escape, and my way of de-stressing. Reading has also helped me to expand my mind beyond my circumstances at so many different points in my life.


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  • <3

  • Love this type of little introduction to the inspirational people behind Atelier. Looking forward to see the rest!

  • Love this idea! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  • You are so inspiring Emily Note :)

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira October, 10 2017, 2:47 / Reply


  • Marianne October, 10 2017, 4:10 / Reply

    Très bonne idée cette nouvelle catégorie ! C’est vrai qu’on connait pas bien certaines personnes de l’équipe Atelier Doré…
    Belle journée à toutes !

  • Hi Emily,
    Love your post and it is nice to get to know you and the team. Hope to meet you soon!

  • Sunnyside October, 11 2017, 10:49 / Reply

    Ah Emily tu fais aussi des interviews absolument supersoniques, si passionnants, si talentueux ! Tu te maries bientôt en Toscane non ? Visite Voltera et sa campagne, perdez-vous dans les petits chemins ! Good luck for you both !
    C’est bien d’éclaircir qui fait quoi. Qui décide des posts ?

  • Great interview! Thanks for sharing. Do you know what i like the most about this site? The thing that you have both English and French languages. And all these beautiful articles… No, really, it is so interesting to read them, to see all these perfect pictures. Guys, you are doing a great job! Well done.
    Madigan McCauley, senior writer at

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