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Art Imitates Fashion

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Art  Imitates Fashion

A visit to the Neue Galerie on the iconic corner of 5th Ave and 86th st. often turns into a hunt for sartorial bliss.

A few months ago, I went with a friend to see the Early 20th Century German Advertisements on display. The bold use of color blocking and thick black outlines really resonated with me. That amazing Être Cécile shirt I bought a couple months prior seemed relevant and intriguing.

I went back to see the Gustav Klimt exhibition (going on through January 16!) and was struck, as I always am, by the use of color in his beautiful, gilded works. The clothes and accessories in Klimt’s work continually inspires me to reexamine how I choose to get dressed each day and to ultimately, infuse more color and pattern into my normally dark winter wardrobe.

Where else do you draw your sartorial inspiration from?

By Hannah Safter


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  • Danielle Korneliussen December, 8 2016, 2:31 / Reply

    I just watched Simone Rocha win a beautiful prize from the British Fashion Awards. I started to go through some of her older collection films and I found a great one where she talks about how inspired she was by her grandmother in Hong Kong and all of her friends. In this film, one can see a really nice array of old Chinese ladies out on the street in their everyday clothes. There were so many cool ways of layering fabrics, patterns and styles. That was absolutely my style inspiration for – at least – today.

  • It’s basically “art” as well, but I guess everything really falls under that category; comic books. Not just the over-the-top heroes, but there are a lot of edgier, dreamier, and weirder comics nowadays. The artistry and stories in them are so inspiring and amazing. If you’re ever interested in giving them a peek, I definitely recommend Monstress, Shade the Changing Girl, and Paper Girls

  • Come to Vienna, we would show you Klimt, Schiele and all the others!
    It´s such a beautiful City!
    By the way, we are organising a congress für female journalists and media-people and we would be honoured, if you will join us in November 2017!
    Maybe it´s possible to send an short answer to this email, so that we can correspond in a “serious way”! :-)
    Best wishes
    Monika Posch

  • I would say it is the other way around! Fashion (which could also be seen as a form of art in some cases) imitates art! All the time! ;)

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