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Alexa Chung

There is something interesting happening in fashion, and it isn’t to do with the traditionally educated creator, esteemed solely for their designs. Rather, it’s the utilization of popularity, specifically, the capitalization of the “It Girl.” Women who were once admired mainly for their street style and social lives are taking their commercial appeal and transforming it into full-blown brands. And I have to say, I’m pretty interested in the movement – they’re showcasing a realistic approach to fashion and design, which I am all about.

Rouje by Jeanne Damas, HVN by Harley Vierra Newton, and now, the launch of Alexa Chung’s first RTW collection – each an explosive representation of their own personal styles, that feels approachable and most importantly wearable. Take Ondine’s blue Rouje jeans & Colleen’s HVN slip as shining examples. I have yet to see Alexa Chung’s collection up close, but from what I can see online, it most certainly captures her cheeky, British style in all the right retro funk, boy-meets-girl type of ways. A look she is known for, and the rest of us would be wise to give a go.

For now I’m riding the It Girl train and looking forward to seeing how Alexa (and others!) evolve their brands.

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