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5 Carlos Place

I spent two days in London and felt like shopping my ass off. Guys, it’s rare. Usually if I have anytime in a city, I spend it smoking and drinking in cafés in museums. But this city is just too inspiring, even more in the fall when all the coats are popping out and it’s grey outside and you imagine yourself chic, sexy and snuggled in 100% merino wool with a hot cappuccino in your hand because it’s cold (I know, it’s a lot).

I hadn’t been to 5 Carlos Place yet, because it just opened. 5 Carlos Place is not only a very very sexy address (it’s right in front of the Connaught, should I develop?) but also MATCHESFASHION.COM new retail experience.

Which is AN AWESOME one, but Christina told you about it here, so let’s cut this short and answer the burning question: what was I doing there with my scandalously red sweater (so slimming!)?


Well, that day the Holiday Pop Up was starting and I was interviewing Gauthier Borsarello, who is the creative director of the brand. He is a vintage specialist and has so much to say about fashion and, like, how do we learn from the past to know what clothes to make today that we will want to keep forever?

Mmmm, good question, right?
Well, if you want to see his very, very smart and fun answers, you can check out our whole talk right here.

PS: My credit card is very grateful I left the morning after.


To watch the conversation Garance had with Gauthier Borsarello at 5 Carlos Place, click here!


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