Naaya Yoga

Naaya Yoga

Have you ever walked into a yoga studio and immediately felt out of place, intimidated by the tiny women in their expensive athleisure wear? It’s no secret that many yoga studios have...

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the mirrors atelier dore

The Great Mirrors

OK, so I have psychics, healers and astrologists. Calm down, it’s fine. I live in Los Angeles and...

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Sarah Tarca Atelier Dore

Things I Learned Going From Beauty Editor to Backpacker

When Sarah pings me with an email, I drop whatever I’m doing and open it straight away to see...

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lifestyle all is well heather lilleston atelier dore photo

All is Well with Heather Lilleston

Heather Lilleston is one half of Yoga for Bad People, but don’t be fooled by the name, Heather...

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lifestyle ibiza wellness atelier dore photo

Well Balanced

We were introduced to Antonio by Viviana. The two of them met in Pescara in 2005, an encounter...

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Catch the Zen

Perfect attire for all those sensory yoga classes! Leggings, Adidas by Stella McCartney ; Long...

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better than you garance dore illustration

Better Than You

I love living in LA. The weather is beautiful, there’s plenty of space, all you have to do is set...

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hangover helper mini garance dore photo

Hangover Helper

Remember when you didn’t get hangovers?

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quiet garance dore illustration


Do you know any chill people who don’t get worked up about things? People who manage to take...

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Treat Yo’Self!

Treat Yo’Self!

We all have to sometimes… As we find ourselves approaching summer (albeit slowly), I’ve...

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garance dore meditation illustration

Five Minutes

Don’t laugh – what I’m about to say is super serious, it might even change my life: I’ve...

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mourning routine garance dore photo

Morning Routines

It’s winter. The sun is hiding (currently) behind the snow that is coming down in the East...

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NY Hypocrite!

NY Hypocrite!

Our intern Nicole is a pretty loyal New Yorker – and with that comes a long list of things she...

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LA fit garance dore illustration

NY vs LA : Body Crazy

It’s fitness mania these days. Like, fitness is more fashionable than fashion. To the point where...

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cristen kimberley chin twins nigel barker yoga fitness twins garance dore photos

Crissy & Kimmy

The thought of having a twin has always intrigued me… Would it be “The Parent...

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elle macpherson vogue swimsuit garance dore photos

No Judgement!

Leave your judgement at the door, people. Especially if that door is leading you into a sweaty,...

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paddle boarding photo garance dore


That stands for Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga.

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body language sport active wear garance dore photos

Body Language

The name reminds me of the song by Queen but it’s also a new activewear line made in the USA...

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