Besides being the most affordable and sustainable way to shop, shopping vintage is the secret to finding the most unique pieces- the ones that looked chic on your grandmother, on you, AND...

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Disco Daze

Disco Daze

You can take one look at this image and get a very clear sense of who Akua is – fierce,...

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Style Story / Alessandra Codinha

Style Story / Alessandra Codinha

When Garance met Alessandra five years ago, she was a columnist at WWD whose essentials included...

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vintage shopping on instagram garance dore photo

Shopping Vintage on Instagram

Vintage shopping is tricky.

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milatary jacket nicole chan garance dore photo

The Best Kind of Hand Me Downs

I always feel like my favorite things in my closet are the ones that are like a little piece of...

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The Edit No. 4, Part 3 : Totally Overalls

The Edit No. 4, Part 3 : Totally Overalls

Part 3 of our EDIT No.4 has us in the youth-minded category of overalls.

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Mayle Garance Dore Photo

You’ve Got Mayle

Mayle used to be one of my favorite brands, do you remember it?

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ysl saint laurent black suede heels shoes garance dore photo

My Vintage YSLs

Remember my resolution this year, to not buy any new clothes? So, we’re almost a month deep...

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georgia graham street style new york garance dore photos


Ever since G got back from the book tour, she’s been buzzing with positive energy. Ok, so it...

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real resolution garance dore illustration

Real Resolution

Ok, I know I know… We all have a resolution (or fifty), but this one I’m determined to stick...

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chloe perrin style story paris garance dore photos

Style Story / Chloé Perrin

Chloé is the girl across the room in a kimono at an extravagant gala, worn just so, that catches...

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lilli millhiser on crosby street style new york garance dore photos

Lilli On Crosby Street

You really can’t go wrong with a classic, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-esque look – a...

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alana greszata street style garance dore photo

Alana On Crosby Street

Yes! Another turtleneck! But this time in a softer, more feminine style that Alana somehow perfectly...

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liana satenstein vintage jeans street style garance dore photos


Has anyone ever given you something, a piece of clothing or otherwise, and it’s really become...

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bruna tenorio style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Bruna

Bruna has that infallible way with vintage — that knack for taking items that have been loved...

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white tee michele ouellet spencer ostrander garance dore photos

The White Tee

By now it’s maybe become obvious that I’m really a blue jeans and t-shirt girl....

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tasya van ree jumpsuit street style garance dore photos

One Easy Piece

When Garance says, “We have to do something about jumpsuits!! I just got an amazing...

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