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You Had Me at JLaw

I don’t often pay attention to celebrity. Who I should be liking. Which is the most famous duo EVERYbody is talking about.

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Damn Baby!

Remember when music videos made you feel some type of way? Janet and Missy are back with a...

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states of undress

States of Undress

Last week, the actress and screenwriter Hailey Gates presented the first two episodes of her super...

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Pardon My French!

Pardon My French!

Here is a little video message about Pardon My French, the podcast!

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Things I love on YouTube

Things I love on YouTube

… and how they’ve changed my mood.

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The Askill Brothers

In the studio, we’re not only inspired by all the siblings in fashion, film, and the arts who seem...

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Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

Not now… Instead, hang on to them. Better yet – do something constructive with them!

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Corinne’s back!

We love Corinne Bailey Rae at the studio, so we are beyond excited that her new album – The...

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marion cotillard macbeth movie


I have always loved Shakespeare, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that the always...

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leonardo dicaprio the revenant movie

The Revenant

Just hand Leo his damn Oscar already. It’s about time. This film, the latest offering from one...

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The Instagram Husband

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop. You have to watch this hilarious video… A super funny...

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Take Flight

Take Flight

Every year The New York Times Magazine presents a series where the best actors of the year partake...

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a very murray christmas bill

A Very Murray Christmas

Who better suited to create an homage to the variety show than Bill Murray with a side of Sofia...

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Jenna Lyons On Etiquette / Love Style Life

Aaaaaaah, Jenna. I’m not going to lie, in the last few years, Jenna has become one of my...

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Emmanuelle Alt On Style / Love Style Life

Emmanuelle.  You know me, I’m on a perpetual style quest. I love looking at how other people...

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Raury On Repeat

Recently, I have been listening to Raury on repeat. If you haven’t been introduced, he’s...

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Diane von Furstenberg On Career / Love Style Life

I don’t know if you know Diane von Furstenberg’s story, but I’ve read all her...

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Snap Happy

So yesterday I took over my own Snapchat, in order to celebrate the day of my book launch, and IT...

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