Casual cool with a blue tote and raw denim for winter in LA. Tote, Valextra ; Jeans, Attico ; Wrap Top, Topshop ; Skinny Sandals, Topshop ; Hair Clip, Quasar ; Earrings, Finn

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Sweet for Sweden

Really admire how simple everyone keeps it in Sweden – but still cool! Suede Leather Jacket,...

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daytime dress pant shopping cart garance dore photo

Daytime Dress Pant

I love the look of a tuxedo-like pant during the day!

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life holiday gift board white garance dore still life layout photos


Here is our final selection of gifts!!! Good timing because this one’s my favorite…

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the life gifts no 1 valextra white passport cover and travel wallet gift photos

The Life Gifts #1

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garance dore the coats fw 2015 street style photos

My Coats

As time goes on, the more I looooove coats. It’s one of the only categories of clothing where...

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skinny pant topshop shopping cart garance dore

Skinny Pant

Feeling inspired by Giorgia to give the high waist pant a go. what do you think about this pair from...

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Valextra Dada Bag Garance Dore Photos

Petit et Parfait

This is a little handbag I got for Christmas – and I adore it. It’s everything you could...

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new grey coat shopping cart garance dore photos

New Coat!

Three coats may not be enough this winter, looking for one more to keep me warm!

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shopping cart photo garance dore

Black & Brown

I’m looking for brown and black this weekend, feeling inspired to break the rules like...

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Michelle Ouellet Garance Doré Photo

Look Back

I love it when a dress feels as comfortable to wear as a pair of sweatpants.

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Bite Size

Bite Size

We get it. It’s summer. And if you are anything like us here at the Studio, you want to carry...

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Meredith Shanks Mini Bags Photo

The Minis

You know that question: What you would bring along if you were trapped on a desert island? Well,...

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This Week I Love…

This Week I Love…

Okay, so my shopping picks for this week are a little confused. (A turtleneck sweater cape and...

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Valextra Boston Bag Photo

A White Bag

If you’ve met me lately, you also have certainly met my Valextra* bag, a sublime present that I...

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Daphne Javitch Home Photo

A Coffee at Daphne’s

I love Daphne’s style. We talked about her and her brand, 10, here, and today let me show you...

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