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Style Story / Violette

A few frigid weeks ago, Bogdana and myself had the pleasure of stepping into the home and head of Violette. I say home and head because she completely gutted and redesigned this brownstone...

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gemma burgess in her words miscarriage atelier dore

In Her Words: Gemma Burgess on Miscarriages

One in three pregnancies ends in miscarriage. That’s what I told myself when I had my first...

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Parenthood is a life-changing experience. For most, the moment that baby is born, everything shifts...

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Pocket PMF: Friendship After Kids

Pocket PMF: Friendship After Kids

For the first pocket episode of our new season, a few of us sat down with Garance to talk about how...

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LaTonya Yvette Atelier Dore

In Her Words: LaTonya Yvette

In the center of my children’s room there is a mushroom lamp that I purchased at Acorn toy...

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