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3 Looks / The Long Coat

3 Looks / The Long Coat

If there’s one piece I look forward to cold weather for it’s the long coat. A design with a long hem that falls below the knee has never failed me, both on style and warmth.

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What is French Beauty?

What is French Beauty?

2016 has been a fascinating, crazy, exhausting year full of surprises. But there’s one thing...

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The Courage to Go Natural / Melissa Bon

The Courage to Go Natural / Melissa Bon

I should tell you how uncomfortable I’ve felt about my hair since I was 6 years old. As a child,...

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Style Story / Melissa

Do you remember Melissa? I met her in the street in Paris (the number of amazing people I’ve...

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A beauty minute with Melissa

“Morning: When I wake up I use a three step routine from Kiehl’s starting with the Ultra...

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