Sophie Endrey

Sophie Endrey

It comes as no surprise that Sophie Endrey is the brand director for one of our favorite brands from down under – Ellery! Her mix of flared pants, eye candy tops, and sporty details is...

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Kelly in Cali

Kelly in Cali

A Canadian who ended up in California, Kelly’s style reflects a bit of each – even if...

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la started kit garance dore photo

LA Starter Kit

Sunglasses for obvious reasons, an easy dress with long sleeves (for that unexpected chill in the...

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georgia graham street style new york garance dore photos


Ever since G got back from the book tour, she’s been buzzing with positive energy. Ok, so it...

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jess blanch russh style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Jess Blanch

Jess is someone I’ve admired for many years, since I was still living in Australia – and...

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camilla deterre photo garance dore

Well Suited

A woman in a suit might conjure up feelings of a Designing Women nightmare. High shoulder pads,...

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hat tricks anabel krasnotsvetova spencer ostranda garance dore photos

Hat Tricks

In sports, a hat-trick is the achieving of a positive feat three times in a row during a game, or...

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kym ellery style story sydney sandra semburg garance dore photos

Style Story / Kym

There’s just something about Kym. I have always loved her style — being Australian,...

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