the mirrors atelier dore

The Great Mirrors

OK, so I have psychics, healers and astrologists. Calm down, it’s fine. I live in Los Angeles and nothing could be more normal. In fact, the opposite is what seems weird here – but I...

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Garance Dore Atelier Dore

The Bad Outfit

My sisters, I was about to write you a post about feminism just now. I was flying through it, my...

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period atelier dore

My Dear Period

My Dear Period, I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced, you and me. One day, you...

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Garance Dore Atelier Dore

The Party

When I decided to leave my New York life behind, I knew more or less what I was losing: a...

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Dear Editor

Dear Editor

Over the next few months, I’d like to write letters to the things and people in my life. Some of...

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health nut garance dore

Health Nut

Have I become an annoying health nut without realizing it? The annoying health nut sometimes forgets...

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go to the spa

Go to the Spa

Yesterday, while everyone was at the fashion shows, I decided to go to the Korean spa with my friend...

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the healing waters of hawaii

The Healing Waters of Hawaii

Where did my summer go? No idea. I’m writing to you from my studio in LA, and this is my first...

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I wanted to write you a hilarious post about summer Instagram use (I swear, it would have been so...

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bye bye heels garance dore illustration

Bye Bye Heels

Yesterday, I was in my walk-in closet trying to imagine its future. I’ve never had a closet...

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la maison garance dore illustration atelier dore

La Maison

Last week, we moved into our house. Our very own home, with a big kitchen, plenty of space, a little...

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would you illustration garance dore

Would You?

If you could change your face or your body and become perfectly beautiful, and you were young enough...

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time lapse garance dore photo

Time Lapse

It’s been over two months since I moved to LA, and my New York armor is starting to slowly...

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les moments parfaits garance dore photo

The Perfect Moments (Never Last)

It happens to me sometimes. I leave my house, I feel light and happy. A ray of sun brings out the...

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fiances forever garance dore photo

Fiancés Forever

It’s been almost a year since we got engaged, and we don’t have even the slightest beginning of...

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better than you garance dore illustration

Better Than You

I love living in LA. The weather is beautiful, there’s plenty of space, all you have to do is set...

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lalala garance dore photo

La La La!

La la la laaaaaah!!! My first few days in LA, I was so stressed out, I couldn’t stop saying to...

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Long Hair I Actually Do Super Care

Long Hair I Actually Do Super Care

When I decided to let my hair grow out, to the dismay of all my contemporaries (what, you think...

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