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Dancing Machine

You know the hobbies you had as a kid that sort of fell by the way side as you got older and more interested in hanging out with your friends? Mine was dancing – competitively for 12...

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A Nutcracker Life

The Nutcracker has been staged in New York every year since 1954, so to say it is a time honored...

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Body Language

The name reminds me of the song by Queen but it’s also a new activewear line made in the USA...

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Cat & Mouse

This is such a vibrant take on ballet. We’re all kind of in love with this video, and have had...

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Hearts & Arrows

All of us here at the studio are a little obsessed with dance – and I think Benjamin Millepied...

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At The Ballet Part 2

There was so much to see at the ballet, so we decided to split it across two posts. Here is our...

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nyc ballet garance dore photos

At The Ballet

There is something so beautiful and inspiring about the ballet. It’s more than an appreciation...

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Garance Doré Illustration

A Lesson in Pole Dancing

I tried a pole dancing class…

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Reader’s Mailbox / Sports Girls

Reader’s Mailbox / Sports Girls

Garance! Between being a student and my job, I don’t have any time whatsoever to work out. My...

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A while back, my agent Salomé called me to talk to me about a super crazy project. Well I mean,...

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