Dear Garance Atelier Dore

Dear Garance…

Dear Garance, I’ve wanted to email you for a while now to tell you how inspired I am by you. As a 21 year old student, I am struggling to craft and understand a career that is my own....

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private investigator atelier dore

Careers / Private Investigator

Did you know private investigators exist in real life? I mean, yes, theoretically I know they exist...

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Maybe it was the book tour that got us reading more, or maybe it’s just that we’re trying to...

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india mahdavi career interview interiors garance dore photos

Career / India Mahdavi

India’s work is something you’re probably already familiar with if you’ve been reading the...

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shirley mad here career plastic surgeon garance dore photo

Career / Shirley

What I’ve always loved about our career interviews is getting to meet people with very different...

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heyley phelan freelancer garance dore photos

Life of a Freelance… Hayley

I often get questions about my work – and a lot of questions about going freelance. I went...

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women at work garance dore street style photos

Women At Work

Of all the different aspects of my work, being a photographer is one of my favorites—but it’s...

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fernanda de la puente photo garance dore

Summer Chasers

You know that awful feeling when summer ends and your disdain for it ending begins? For some,...

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jennifer justice career roc nation jay-z garance dore photo

Career / Jennifer Justice

I met JJ at dinner and loved her immediately. She’s just cool. A few days later we were having...

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fashion law degree garance dore illustrations

Fashion Law Degree

A fashion law degree?! Yes, it will now be a real thing. Fordham Law School has announced that it...

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fafi artist fabienne saincry career garance dore photos

Career / Fafi

I’ve always been fascinated by Fafi’s work. Her subversive dolls, but also the crazy...

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career brooks roach garance dore photos

Career / Brooks Roach

Brooks works in music at Atlantic – he’s got a fascinating job managing musicians and I...

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astro twins photo garance dore

Career / The AstroTwins

I have to admit, I read my horoscope. Kind of often, actually. It might seem crazy, but it’s...

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Career / Alison Loehnis

Career / Alison Loehnis

Today’s career interview is with Alison Loehnis, President of Net-A-Porter. How does a person...

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Alison on…

Alison on…

I think one of the things we’ve been pretty vocal about is

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Garance Doré Illustration


When I was twenty, I used to spend all my time with a group of friends that I adored. There was one...

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Nicolas Ouchenir Photo

Career / Nicolas Ouchenir

It’s hard not to love Nicolas. Not only is he a talented calligrapher, but his warmth,...

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Tim Goodman Career Interview Photo

Career / Tim Goodman

Today’s career interview is with the amazing Timothy Goodman. You may know him from his 40...

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