Lauren Bush Lauren has a demeanor that makes you want to stand near her just to soak up the good vibes. She exudes kindness and grace. So it’s no surprise she’s found such...

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It took me about five years to decide if I wanted bangs. Yes, five years. I’m not necessarily...

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DS & Durga Atelier Dore

Studio Visit / D.S.&Durga

We all know smoking kills, but thank god we were all young, naive, and thought we were invincible so...

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Celsious Atelier Dore

How to / Modernize Your Laundry Routine

When Tori sent me a link to Celsious, an eco friendly laundromat in Brooklyn headed up by two...

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Lauren Snyder Atelier Dore

Lauren’s Renovated Maison

I’m one of those people who attends open houses when I have no business (let alone money) to...

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Louisa Roeder Atelier Dore

Louisa’s Brooklyn Abode

When I first walked into Louisa’s brownstone three years ago I was both in awe and...

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shereen mohammed street style atelier dore

Sublime Shereen

“My style is deceptively simple. I’ve allowed myself to be drawn to what I feel naturally...

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fashion style story latonya atelier dore photo

Style Story / LaTonya Yvette

A Brooklyn Native, LaTonya Yvette embodies the borough’s curiosity, vibrancy, and kindness....

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lifestyle interior julia sherman atelier dore photo

Julia’s Brooklyn Abode

When I asked Julia Sherman for photos of her kitchen in preparation of the recipe story we shot with...

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Maybe it was the book tour that got us reading more, or maybe it’s just that we’re trying to...

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phillip lim 10 year anniversary dinner fashion week brooklyn new york garance dore photos

Dinner With Phillip

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his brand, Phillip Lim organized an amazing dinner in...

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kai avent-deleon style story sincerely tommy garance dore photos

Style Story / Kai

When you first meet Kai, you’re instantly swept up in the wave of her natural joie de vivre...

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mirabelle marden interiors garance dore photos

At Mirabelle’s

We went to Mirabelle’s place in Brooklyn the other day. She’s an art collector who lives in...

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apples ryan ksubi style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Apples

Our recent visit to Apples’ home in Brooklyn felt like a complete escape from winter in New York....

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Style Story / Marina

Style Story / Marina

Last week, I popped over to Marina’s apartment in Brooklyn– she’s due any day now...

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At Julia’s

At Julia’s

I spent a few hours at Julia Chaplin’s house the other day — do you remember the photos...

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Dior Beauty Photo

In Line

I love a good cat eye. It feels retro, feminine and graphic all at the same time. So imagine my...

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