Une Visite Chez Sézane

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In Partnership With Sézane

I love – I love! The Sézane apartment in Paris. And I’m not the only one, by the way. Every Saturday, a long line forms in front of the door…

I love it because for me it kind of represents the future of shopping… The apartment is just like the online brand: it’s a unique place offering a different kind of experience…with lots of things you can take home with you right away (shoes, clothes, bags) but also pieces you can come touch and try out before ordering them for delivery to you at home later.

It’s also a place where you come for more than just clothes – and that’s why today I wanted to show you this incredible space. Each month, you’ll find a different selection of things too good to resist (I’m crazy about my Paris Mon Amour mug), flowers and also, the dream! There’s a little private movie theater.

I think it’s super important to redefine shopping right now – and Sézane does it incredibly well. So I had to meet the person behind this little French miracle… I met Morgane and her partner Corentin in New York on the patio of one of my favorite places, Narcissa.

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The day I met Morgane, I couldn’t understand how our paths hadn’t crossed before. Morgane and I started our professional adventures at the same time, with the same naiveté and the same desire to do things differently.

Our adventures both began with the internet, but quickly went in different, parallel directions. My story, you already know. As for Morgane’s, it’s the story of a girl who started out by simply opening a shop on eBay, where she sold vintage clothing selected with care.

Very quickly, Morgane realized she could create her own pieces, which would ease the frustration of her customers when unique vintage pieces would run out.

The demand was there, her audience already loved her, and thanks to the internet allowing her to sell without a middleman, she was able to produce and sell quality clothing at a fair price. So she got to work and a few years later, Sézane, a combination of her first and last names, was born.

Une Visite Chez Sézane
Une Visite Chez Sézane

And she’s been super successful! For those (few) who don’t know Sézane, the quality of the clothing is stunning for a more-than-reasonable price. It’s a French style that’s really well designed, which Jenna Lyons recognized right away, and thus the Madewell x Sézane collaboration was born. Since then, the success story just keeps unfolding.

By the way, I’m working on an interview with Morgane because I think she’s one of the most inspiring women I’ve met recently. So I’ll let her tell you her story the way she told me, with big eyes full of wonder and determination.

Because after we met, we decided we couldn’t not collaborate. We had too many things to share. Lots of ideas to make happen, lots of stories to tell. I’ll tell you more soon. In the meantime, if you’re close to Paris, don’t forget to stop by the Apartment, okay?

Une Visite Chez Sézane
Une Visite Chez Sézane

L’Appartement Sézane | 1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, 75002 Paris, France | @sezane


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