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It wouldn’t have been a trip abroad without a quick visit with Tine & Luisa! The duo and their bag line TL-180 have been staples on the site for nearly 7 years. And whether they plan it or not, their coordinating ensembles are always perfect. In this case on the streets of Paris, both wearing mod styles, mid heel boots with a sort of 60s color palette, garnished with a cropped leather jacket.

They make me nostalgic for the days before my best friend moved to Italy and we too would dress alike…knowingly. Like it was a thing. Yes, all the way up until we were closer to 30 than we were to 20.

And then I wondered about this sort of friendship dressing – is there a time limit or age cap to it? I’ve seen the cutest coordinating women in their 70s all around New York City and I love it! What do you think?

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  • I definitely would not do this, I like to have my own style.

    -Kirsten // pork & cookies

  • I never thought of dressing like my friends. We have such different body types and our styles are so opposite sometimes that it would be difficult. I have a friend that looks so beautiful in modern asymmetrical looks and I always think I can do this look too but alas it never looks the same on me. Maybe that’s part of the charm of my friends is their individual styles.
    How fun it would be to dress alike once in awhile. I did have a co-worker who would often dress in the same colors as me. It was pretty funny when we would arrive and look at each other and have a little laugh.

  • They look so fun, like a girl gang, haha! But it just ain’t a thing in the USA. I think I did that once with my Boston girlfriends. I always sewed as did other pals and it was a contest to see what you made each week. So go girls, do your thing. Some things don’t work here. I lived in Paris 3 years and wore micro mini skirts. If I did that on the streets of NYC I would not be alive to tell the story, haha!

  • To me they don’t look like they coordinate, but that they just share an aesthetic. And attitude.
    You could say that about the masses who wear the same outfits from Zara or Forever 21 or J. Crew.

  • I want to wear pantyhose like you

  • Dressing alike is for The Rockettes at Radio City .Not something I would encourage,your own unique style is too important. Although often friends have tastes in common .
    Dress The Part

  • Why not do both, match and clash? As you wish.
    Have to say that white bag is really something.

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