Three Looks With Lamia Lagha

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You know those women that just know their style? Everytime you see them they look like the best version of themselves? That’s Lamia Lagha. A quick scroll of her Instagram account, populated with both her own outfits and style inspiration, shows you not only her style, but who she is as a woman. That’s the power of style, to be able to communicate your essence without words. Without further ado, enjoy the style of Lamia!



Describe your style in 3 phrases.
Old movies, a lucky charm, and lipstick.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform to wear every day?
A great pair of jeans, a vintage shirt or vintage blouse, some earrings and my oldest used boots.

Who are your style icons?
There are lot of people that always inspired me. Mostly in movies from the 50s through 70s. I love Shelley Duvall, Sade, David Bowie and all kind of Jacques Tati, Eric Rohmer or Jean-Luc Godard Ladies.

Three Looks With Lamia Lagha

I love that you’ve adopted a red lip as a staple for your day to day appearance. Does the lip come first and you build your outfit around it or is the outfit assembled and the lip naturally follows when it makes sense?
Lipstick is the only make up I really wear day to day. I never think of it before I get dressed as it’s always very spontaneous and a last minute add before I leave the house. I used to wear mostly red tones but lately I really love natural colors and lip balms.

What are 3 wardrobe pieces that you feel are quintessentially French and how do you incorporate them into your wardrobe? How do you add your own unique twist on such classics?
I was born and raised in Germany and my parents are originally from Tunisia. I never really thought about how a French Women should look like but I guess I naturally adapted some of it after living almost 9 years in Paris now. I think Paris is a melting-pot of cultures and styles and that makes it interesting.

I never really changed my style over the years or followed up on every trend. I mostly wear vintage clothing or clothes that my friends make.

I love to wear something that tells a story or that reminds me of an era so you will find lots of 40s, 50s, 70s dresses, tops and shirts a few pairs of great jeans and a lot of earrings and hair clips.

Less is more for French women. Just a nice pair of jeans, a pretty vintage shirt, great boots, a bit of lipstick and you’re good.

I always add something personal to my looks, a hair clip, or earrings to make it more myself.



Three Looks With Lamia Lagha

Jumpsuit, Citizens of Humanity; Bag, Vintage; Shoes, Vintage: Earrings, Vintage; Ring, Margi Darika
T-Shirt, Peugeot Vintage; Skirt, Rouje; Bag, Vintage Prada; Shoes, Vintage; Ring, Margi Darika; Earrings, Vintage
Dress, Ganni; Shoes, By Far; Bag, Vintage; Earrings, Après Ski; Bracelet, Lizzie Fortunado; Ring, Margi Darika; Necklace, Shami


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  • Lamia Lagha has great style . The line I love is when she says “I love to wear something that tells a story ….” . This is one of the best descriptions of style, telling a story. This is what all great designers do when they create a collection.
    I love the Ganni dress , a great label I recently profiled . Thanks again for giving us such a great platform .
    Dress The Part

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 10 2018, 4:52 / Reply


  • I love her style that reflects a spirited, beautiful soul.

  • Thanks for sharing information!
    I have seen many websites that are representing women attire styles. But you have very unique and impressive with different printing colors.

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